Brandy (FNaF)

Brandy (FNaF)

Ever watch those videos by Purple Guy? Well I made a story for you to enjoy then. I noticed this was popular on other apps maybe just not as much on QFeast. But I bet some of you would have interest. Plus art NOT by me. (WARNING: VIOLENCE INVOLVED)

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Chapter 1.

Father and Daughter.

"Brandy. Where are you? 'cause when I'm gonna find you, you're gonna die!" Yelled Vincent.
"Hehe, you'll never find me!" Answered Brandy, laughing and snickering. She couldn't help to hold it in.
Vincent turned his head. "Brandy, how do you know? I will!" Laughed her father.
He passed Brandy, and she snickered slightly. He turned back to peek under the table threw his two legs. "Found ya!" He grabbed onto Brandy and tickled her.
"NOT THE TICKLES! NO! NO! NO!" Cried Brandy laughing hard and kicking her feet.
"Oh yes the tickles!"
The family laughed. Brandy's mother came in. "Awh, playing hide and seek again?" She asked.
Vincent nodded. "Yep. Guess who won?" Asked Vincent.
"Hm, hard one since you're both so good... Brandy?"
"Stop bragging, daddy!" Pouted Brandy.
"Hohoho! Nope! Daddy won this time!" Vincent carried Brandy upside down on his back as she screamed and banged on his back with her plain fists.
"Wow! You finally won to a match... Never thought that was gonna happen! Brandy is really good at hide and seek!"
"Really, mommy? I am? Wow!"
Her mother nodded. "Nope!" She said. "BETTER THAN THAT!" She grabbed onto to Brandy and put her down. She placed her on the floor, lightly.
"Mommy! Maybe next time you can play!"
Her mother shook her head. "Kidding, right? I'd be caught right when you turn around and open your eyes!"
"Then you gotta find me!" Brandy ran threw the halls and into her mom's closet. She slid down and sat on some boxes. "Ouchy. What are these?" She asked herself. She found a flashlight. She shined the brightness onto the pictures of her mommy and daddy as young couple. "Awh! They are just teenagers then! What's this? Ooh! They're first date... I wonder how that feels!" Brandy said, sliding picture to picture. She smiled.
"I hear you Brandy!" Yelled her mother.
"Oopsie! Stay quiet!" She whispered.
As her mom checked the closet, she saw Brandy looking. "Awh! Vince come and look!" Yelled her mother.
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