Smile Dog

Smile Dog

Pass the word. To your friends, family, and enemies. Everyone you know.

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Pass the word.

I have heard about smile dog. Yet I am not telling a story. Only personal information for you to learn. And please, I am trying to make you pass it on for your safety.
Now my friend and I wanted to know who Smile Dog really was, and so I searched it up and found results. I found two that I read.
A little story:
A guy and his friend were talking about Smile Dog and would tell jokes about him. Like jokes about how much he is fake.
Michael the kid who was so silent, finally heard. "Who is this, 'smile dog'" he asked.
I looked at him. "A creepypasta charater. Why don't you search him up after you come home from school. Will you?" The kid replied.
(In the story it never mentioned his name)
"Yeah sure, I guess." Micheal said. He shrugged.
The next day and a few more, Micheal was not in class. This made the kid worried. after he came home, he heard knocks on his door. So he answered it. "Well hello, sir. Do you know why Micheal is in the Emergency Room?" A cop asked.
He looked confused. "Uh, harmed? He must be sick.... Or something." He said in his head.
"Well yeah, sir." He replied as he went to his computer. The cops followed. The child typed in Smile Dog.
"Oh no." Said another cop.
"He says he wants you." Said the last one.
So I went into the emergency room Micheal was dead, on the floor with a note saying: It was him. Smile dog.
Why'd you have to show me him? Why? Why did you?
Now, this is my choice to do. To not suffer for pain.
Violent story, eh? Thought so. I heard another one you must hear. Or it might cause you to death. Real death.
This guy was a fan of CreepyPasta and decided to search up pictures. He saw a dog, named Smile Dog. He heard scratching on the door. So he thought it was Slenderman, he could check it out.
The figure on something was gone. As he came back, the screen was dark. Plain old pitch black. But it played a video, by it's self. It said, "in your dreams you let me free. Thank you." The kid was confused.
But really, you need to share this. And oh yeah, don't look behind you.
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Comments (4)

I just looked behind me
on November 02, 2017
Is this real?
on September 04, 2017
I looked behind me. Oh, no. A wall.
I knew I wrote that but I checked to and it was a wall too. XD
on July 07, 2016
on July 06, 2016