Tanktops and skirts or dresses?

Tanktops and skirts or dresses?

Alphamau the series. I am starting my own new Aphmau series but of the children of the charaters. Comment below if you want your story published.

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Chapter 1.
Averiana and Kayla

Averiana and Kayla

Kayla walked on the side walk with her best friend, Averiana. "What's wrong?" Asked Averiana.
"Um, nothing. Just doing my casual walk." Kayla replied, putting hands into her big sweatshirt. She looked at the floor, with her long blue hair blowing in the wind.
"Um, nice I guess.."
"It's not fun, Averi. It's boring... I am bored of dad flirting with mom right in my eyes."
"Burning them, huh? Dad and Mom only did that once and I was screaming. My hair was all poofed up like a black cat hissing! It was sooo hard to brush out." Averiana began to giggle onto her hand.
"Oh..." Kayla put her hand behind her head and scratched it. "Yeah, I just walk out of the house until they stop flirting. It takes seven minutes. I been keeping track of the time lately." She said.
Averiana laughed and smiled. "That's idiotic!" She turned to Kayla and smiled.
"Idiotic? Me or my parents?" Asked Kayla eagerly to know.
"You, of course." Answered Averiana in a calm voice. She speaked always like her mother, Lucinda.
"What now? Why me you jerk! I am your best friend!" Yelled Kayla.
"I am not a jerk. I am gorgeous, as for you... Let's just say, eh.." She replied.
"SHUT UP!" Kayla stomped her foot and ran back home.
"Ugh, drama queen." She walked back to her house to make a new potion.
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Comments (4)

That was so rossome! Plz make more!
on June 29, 2016
on June 28, 2016
Awwwwwsome!!!!!! (still bored)
on June 24, 2016
Cool B) X3
on June 24, 2016