Jeff The Killer Love Story (part 5)

Jeff The Killer Love Story (part 5)

Sorry i haven't written more, i have think that this one will be the last one of the series so hope you enjoy the last one. I sort of rushed it but i hope it's okay.

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Chapter 1.

Flirting Games

Jeff had asked me to play a little game that night and i chosen to go along with it. Jeff had left the room and quickly returned with a small box of twister.
"Twister?" i responded.
"yeah i love this game" Jeff replied. As he set up the game, he suggested that i went first. i agreed and had my turn.
After a while we got into the game and i got a bit serious. All of a sudden Jeff hits a red, not knowing at the time he puts his arm over me and falls right on top of me.
"uhhh" he mutteres. he goes to get of me but for some reason i grab him and drag him down back on top of me his face facing mine. My body moves by itself and pulls his face closer to mine, my body is out of controll. i didnt relise what i was doing...
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Comments (3)

I understand ur probably busy and all but can u right more? plz
sure thing... i'll try make up the time for you!
on May 12
on May 04
It's ok if you haven't written in while so can you please make more
on March 06