Jeff The Killer Love Story (part 5)

Jeff The Killer Love Story (part 5)

Sorry i haven't written more, i have think that this one will be the last one of the series so hope you enjoy the last one. I sort of rushed it but i hope it's okay.

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Chapter 2.

The Kiss

I pull his face closer to mine even more and then... We kiss... he wasn't expecting it and nor did i. I moved all by myself not realising i was kissing him. We part away and sare at each other in surprise not moving until Jeff breaks the silence.
"ummm, well". he says.
"w-well, umm, sorry". i say unsure of what hes thinking.
"Thank you, i guess" he replies awkwardly. and continues.
"you don't need to apologize, i-i wanted to d-do that m-myself. to be honest" he's says quietily. Jeff gets up to goes to walk out of the room, i didnt want him to go, so i asked him. " can you stay?". without saying anything he turns around and walks up to me pinning me back onto the ground and...
Kisses Me.
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Comments (4)

I understand ur probably busy and all but can u right more? plz
I haven't been writing for the last ear and I'm sorry. but ill try to write more this year.
16 days ago
sure thing... i'll try make up the time for you!
on May 12, 2017
on May 04, 2017
It's ok if you haven't written in while so can you please make more
on March 06, 2017