Jeff The Killer Love Story (part 3)

Jeff The Killer Love Story (part 3)

Another part of the story, if yous want me to continue different parts of the story please leave a comment. There is part one and two if anyone would like to read or get up to date. And I'm open for suggestions.

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Chapter 1.

Now It Gets Intresting

That night I couldn't stop thinking about what Jeff had said but for some reason I had been asking myself the same question as he had. I couldn't sleep a wink, so I went out into the kitchen. I walked past the lounge room and peered in, everyone must of went to bed or something, there was know one in there. I continued walking to the kitchen and finally got there. I had forgot what I went there for. I decided to walk back and as I pass the living room I see a shadow...
I look into the dark room and reach for the light switch.
"Don't turn on the light" Said the voice.
"who's that?" I replied. there was no response. I go to turn on the light switch again and was able to.
"uggg, I told you not to do that" Said the person in the corner...
" JEFF" I shouted. Then I just realised Jeff hadn't returned from earlier.
"what are you doing still up?" I ask.
"i'm thinking," Jeff replied.
"about what?" I ask.
" I don't know" He said.
"common, lets go" I suggested. He just nodded and followed along with his head down in a trance.
We get to our room and as soon as I go to turn around to check if Jeff is okay, he grabs hold of my shoulders and holds me to the ground.
"I've got a question to ask you" he says so calmly.
" what?" I reply.
"what do I mean to you?" he asks with a gentle voice with a tight grip on my shoulders.
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More! More! More! More! More! More!
sure thing
on February 27, 2017
on February 26, 2017
Please do more
Sure will, if you have any suggestions I will like to hear them.
on February 25, 2017
on February 25, 2017