Third Wheel

Third Wheel

~FrUkUs~ Francis and Arthur have been dating for almost a year. It's Freshman year in college and their relationship changes when Arthur finds out he and Francis are sharing their room in the dorms with an obnoxious American. Alfred is his name and he flips their relationship like a table.

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Chapter 1.

What the Fruk

Arthur shoved his hands deeper into his coat pockets and smiled as he felt the soft wool on the inside of the pocket warm his hands almost instantaneously. He then sighed and watched his agitated puff of air be collected by the freezing sky. It was the first of January and all the signs of winter were becoming more prominent. He had just gotten off of Christmas break and it was time to head back to Briar University. Arthur pulled his wrist out of the safety of his warm pocket into the frigid air and to his face as studied his watch with a frown. "Where the bloody hell is that frog!? He was supposed to be here five minutes ago!", Arthur said roughly in his British accent through gritted teeth. "That Frenchie is probably stuffing his face with baguettes while I'm out here in the cold!", he thought stamping his foot.
Just then a blond haired guy pulled up in the driveway wearing sunglasses that had the French flag on the lenses. Francis pushed up his glasses on top of his head and combed his fingers through his long, glossy, blond hair as he nodded towards this passenger seat. "Get in amour.", He said in his smooth and sexy French accent. "Don't call me sweet names, it's gross.", Arthur said as he opened the passenger door and slid into the seat of the red convertible. Francis ignored Arthur's comment and gave him a swift peck on the lips before zooming out of the driveway.
"You're so lucky that you don't live very far from the University like me, it's much more convenient.", Francis said as he slipped his sunglasses back over his eyes. Arthur ignored Francis and pulled out his phone to read his e-book. When they were stopped at a red light Francis took Arthur's phone and studied the e-book, "What the shit is this?", he asked as he realized it was a romance novel. Arthur blushed and snatched the phone back. "I'm just trying to broaden my literary knowledge a bit, Francey Pants.", Arthur responded quickly. Francis just gave a soft French laugh and averted his eyes back to the road.
"I was thinking of taking you out to dinner tonight.", France said as they pulled into the parking lot of the vast university. "Oh really? Just where might we be going since I know for a fact you blew all your money on wine over break?", Arthur asked skeptically as he got out of the car and flung his pine green backpack over his shoulder. "...... It's a surprise.", Francis said after a brief silence that clearly meant he had no idea where they were going. Arthur gave a soft look, "If you want I can cook for us tonight.", he suggested causing France to pull a disgusted look. "Oh hell to ze fücking no!", Francis said as he grabbed his blue backpack with a red rose design on the back.
Arthur frowned slightly but shook it off and held Francis' hand as they walked into their dormitory.  Arthur pushed the button for the elevator and as the doors were just about to close when they got in before a blond haired guy rushed through the doors at the last second.
Arthur studied the guy curiously taking in all his features. He had a pretty muscular build although he was a bit chubby in the stomach area. His eyes were a bright sparkling blue that was dulled a bit due to his fogged up glasses. His hair was short and messy especially around were a cowlick stuck up. His clothes were quite messed up and it looked like he had just rolled out of bed. He had an American flag backpack on his back and two matching suitcases in his hands. "He must be new here", Arthur inferred from his luggage. "Which floor are you headed to?", Francis asked the guy politely. The blond looked over Francis shoulder at the panel and replied, "Same as you dudes". Arthur's eyes widened a tad curiously. This guy was an American.
The elevator arrived at the third floor and the American exited first, shortly followed by Francis and Arthur. They all walked the same direction down the hall and the American stopped outside dorm room 3H with Arthur and Francis. The Englishman looked at him confused. "Um this is our room, are you sure you have the right number or letter?", Arthur asked. The American held up a key and unlocked the door, "Yeah I'm pretty sure this is my room too. Sweet we're roomies now!", The American said in his too cheerful American accent.
Arthur gave an annoyed glance to Francis but he was too busy trying to introduce himself to the American. "Bonjour Monsieur, my name is Francis Bonnefoy and this is my boyfriend Arthur.", Francis said hugging Arthur around the waist with one arm and shaking the American's hand with the other. "Nice to meet you dudes! My name's Alfred Jones and as you can probably tell I'm from the states!", The American said pointing a thumb to his chest in a boastful manner. "Pfft what kind of name is Alfred.", Arthur said flinging his backpack on his bed with emerald green sheets. "You're one to talk, Artie!", Alfred retorted sticking his tongue out as he began to unpack his suitcases on a sheetless bed. "Hey stop releasing your sexual tensions this early in the morning", Francis said after letting out a short French laugh. Arthur rolled his eyes at the Frenchman and continued putting up some of his possessions he'd brought back with him.
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so far so good
your a really great writer :)
on March 21, 2017