BASED OFF A TRUE STORY: These's this girl, she's a lonely girl who keeps to herself. she has no friends because of her past. Every day she gets bullied. one day the popular boy in school sees her getting bullied and steps in to help her not knowing hes putting his popularity on the line.

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Chapter 1.


Everyday it's the same, get up for school, go to school and put up with the harassment all day. It was the first 4 weeks of the new school year, and i was getting ready for it. I wanted to start fresh this year, no friends, no disruptions and no caring for others, only work and work alone. I was on my way to the bus stop to catch the but to go to school.
I arrived at school to see no one noticing me as it use to be. Then bell rings and we all go to class. The class was the same, me being throne back at the back of the class near the bin so people have an excuse to through things at me.
Finally the bell rings for recess and i go strait to my locker to get my books for the next class. ' as i suspected ' i say in my head. Some people have put threat notes in my locker again. It's normal for that to happen to me now since i have got use to it.
All of a sudden an announcement went over the P.A.
" A little reminder that we will be having an assembly today after brake today" says the speaker. The bell rings and everyone heads over to the hall. All of a sudden someone trips me over and i fall on my hands and knees.
"What do you think you doing Jade? walking in front of us?" says the girl who stands above me. I don't reply and try to get up to leave, as i do that the girl kicks me in the stomach and i fall back on my hands and knees.
"don't you try to leave when i'm speaking to you" she yells. as i continue not speaking she starts to kick me repeatedly as her friends cheer her on.
"STOP" someone yells to the girl. she turns away and speaks sweetly to the speaker.
"Hey Leon" she says. then walks away waving and smiling happily.
"Are you okay?" he asks me. i wipe my mouth that is know cut and dripping with blood, he went to help me up. I didn't like that so i nudged his hand away and got up and walked away.
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on March 11, 2017
Please continue
on March 10, 2017
Please Continue. Great Story.
I agree!
on March 10, 2017
on March 08, 2017