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The Cats' Journey.
Starclan sends some cats a sign...and they must go on an journey. But to where? And why? And how?...
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Welcome To Flower Skies!
Hello and welcome to Flower Skies! How did you get here? Well...aha, Nobody f*cking knows! You cant escape, though! That's all we know!
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Save Me From Myself...
Things...had gotten worse for Cry. Sunn was always gone, Scare became more strict and was home more often, and Cry didn't know how much longer she could take...((TW))
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The Darkness Will Rise.
There is a new cat in the clans. With him comes death. Only one can save the slipping ones. But how will she? She doesnt have a clue.
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Time To Go, My Love.
Bloom finally decides what to do. To her 'love', Scarfy. Just a simple...game.
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Stuck In A Mind Game.
You went to a mental hospitable as a dare from your friends, that had long been forgotten by most. Little do you know what would happen...
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A Forbidden Love.
A slave fell in love with a master and the master fell in love with the slave. Things start happening, and in no way they're good things, will they make the right choices and survive or fall under and perish? (!REMAKE!)
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You Did Everything Wrong.
What did you do wrong? Well, you did everything wrong. It is your fault Alice is dead.
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What Did I Do Wrong?
She didn't want this to happen. She didn't plan for it to happen. But it did. But why?
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Russian Roulette.
They gathered once again for another round of the game. They always played until someone died. Sometimes their game lasted for hours, sometimes not even two minutes. ((TW, gore/blood, death/suicide.))
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The Special One...
!Joke story! One day in the land of landonia, Clyde sits on a bench, and things happen...
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Life Is A Sweet Gift...
A young girl is born into a family of four. She learns that the world isn't the best place, it can be hell itself, but it can also be heaven. She soon learns life is a sweet gift. Watch her as she explores the world and help he...
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