Stuck In A Mind Game.

Stuck In A Mind Game.

You went to a mental hospitable as a dare from your friends, that had long been forgotten by most. Little do you know what would happen...

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You and your friends, Anna, Annie, Tom, and Tim were playing truth or dare. And it was your turn.

"Uhhhh...dare?" You say nervously, not knowing if you should say dare. Annie smirks, "I dare you to go into the Rosebush Mental Hospitable for a day!" You gulp, biting your lip. The others nod and you sigh. "Fine."

It had been a few hours and you were ready. You climb over the gate and land on the other side. You glance around nervously and continue walking. You flick your flashlight on and walk over to it. You glance at the rose bushes, confused as how they were still alive.

You slowly unlock the door with the key Tom had gave you. It unlocks the door and you step in. You check your phone quickly, it had only been about ten minutes. You leave the door open and you progress. You walk around carefully and slowly.

You make it to, what you assume, is the lunchroom. Your surprised to even see one. It's spotless, too...You shrug it off, turning around and walking away. Your gaze falls onto the ground as you walk. Thoughts cloud your mind.

You pull out your phone and try to go onto Youtube. have no wifi. You bite your lip, shoving it back into your pocket. You run around and soon make it to a room different from others. It had pale blue walls and wood floors, blood being splattered everywhere. One wall was lined with bookshelves. You ran your finger across some books, wiping some dust off of them. All different books. Some about the human body, some about organs, some about fairy tales, some life stories, and anything else you could think of, really.

There's a sofa in a corner of the room, a chair beside it. They're both black, as well. You notice there's a desk in another corner, with papers all over it. Some papers have red specks all over them, having a likely resemblance to blood. You shudder, thinking. But, this is a hospitable, so this makes sense. Right?

You soon leave the room and explore some more. All the other rooms are mainly the same, aside from a few certain things, like drawings, beds, and stuff much like that. You continue searching. You take a deep breath, sitting on the cold, white floor.

You blink your eyes open and you realized that you had dozed off. What awake you from your doze was footsteps, like someone was running. You take a deep breath, standing quickly, fear swiftly pulsing through you. You hear someone shout something, though you can't make it out exactly. You slowly walk toward where you heard the scream, though still fearful. You prepare for the worst, though hope for the best. This could just be some normal person looking for another normal person in here, right?

You see a glimpse of a black jean jacket and curly red hair. You fall back, completely surprised and scared. You take a deep breath, telling yourself that it's okay. Though, this does conform that the footsteps and voice had heard, was from a human.

But why were he, well, you assume it's a he, be in here?
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