Life Is A Sweet Gift...

Life Is A Sweet Gift...

A young girl is born into a family of four. She learns that the world isn't the best place, it can be hell itself, but it can also be heaven. She soon learns life is a sweet gift. Watch her as she explores the world and help her reach her destiny.

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A great day...

((A/N: You will make choices for Jayden, some will be pretty much pointless or may change the story entirely. Choose wisely!)

Jayden sat in her room, laying in her bed, her eyes closed. She opened them slowly, staring at the roof. Her bright green eyes glistened with excitement as she thought. She sat up, taking her drawing and hanging it on her light blue walls. She giggled, staring at it. It was of her cat, Taffie.

Jayden slid on her pale blue short-sleeved shirt, put on her black shorts, and then slid on her golden-colored shoes on, as well as her white socks. She then grabbed her bracelet, that had a golden finch on it. She put it on, then grabbed her black and white ribbon, tying it in her dirty blonde hair. She smiled, looking at herself in her mirror.

She grabbed her gray bag, and ran out. "Bye mom!" She called to her mother, as ran out of the house. Her shoes made a soft pitter-patter sound against the grass as she ran. Her green eyes glistened with excitement as she hurried her pace into the forest. She giggled as she jumped over a fallen branch, and hurried across a dead tree over a river.

Soon, she made it. She sat on the blanket, leaning against The Great Oak. She took a deep breath, her heart beating fast from the run. She pulled out a single strawberry from her bag, and ate it. She smiled widely as the sweet juice of the strawberry slipped down her throat. She grabbed her sketchbook, and she drew. She sketched the trees and the grass, putting the animals in it as well. She hummed her lullaby quietly as she done so. Her eyes were filled with admiration as she continued, drawing a frog. She then put a paw with the word 'Jay' within it in the corner. She turned the page, writing of how the silent forest was so beautiful.

She wrote a short story of it, and then put her sketchbook up. She grabbed her bottle of water, taking a sip of it. She put it back, and wiped the excess water off of her lips. She dug through her bag, hoping to see if she brought it. Soon, she pulled out a bathing suit. She smiled widely as she changed into it.

She walked into the water slowly, giggling as the cold water met her knees. She swam in the deep end, loving the cold water against her pale skin. She swam to around, making the day at least a good one. After what seemed like mere minutes for her, she got back to the shore. She walked to her place, sitting down once again on the soft blanket.

She laid down, her light green eyes flickering from place to place. She was bored and tired, the move having been stressful. She close her eyes, letting herself sleep.

Her dreams were filled with ear-piercing screams and blood. Broken bones, dead bodies, knives, weapons, screams, pleads...

She sat up, tears in her eyes and shaking.

What did it mean?
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