The Time Will Come That You Understand.

The Time Will Come That You Understand.

Chase was always told to follow his heart and he always did. One day, as his stepmother is dying...

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Chase's P.O.V
I walk slowly into Jace's room. Well, my mother. Well...not exactly. My mother died when giving birth to me and Jace was my stepmother. Though, most would count her as my real mother. But, honestly? I dont. Well...I kinda do, it's a habit to introduce her as my mom by now. I walk over to her, and give a polite smile. She smiles weakly at me, joy in her eyes. I chuckle, amused. I always understood why my father chose her, she was so great! I sit on the bed, running my hand gently through her hair.

My dad calls for me and I stand. "See you. I love you, mom." I whisper quietly and walk out. My dad hands me a list, telling me to go to the store and buy some stuff. I nod and walk out, thinking. I walk to the store quietly.

I grab the stuff on the list and some extra. I walk to my house slowly, thinking as I walk. I try to figure out what...this uneasy feeling is. Soon, I arrive home.  My dad stands beside the door and looks at me.

"Chase...Jace is dead. She died from her illness." He says, grief racking at his voice. I realize what the uneasy feeling is...and I bite my lip. I nod and run to my room, tears stinging at my eyes.

"w-why her?" I choke out as the tears drip down my cheeks and onto the floor. My heart is in pain and it hurts to breathe. I didnt...realize it would hurt so much. Tears make my vision blurry and emotions fill my lungs. It's like a claw digging into my heart....

I didn't realize how much I truly cared. I had always liked her...she always liked me...and now she was gone. Forever. I could never see her again. God, why did it hurt so much?! I lay on my bed, burring my face in my pillow. Why did she have to die?!

I sob into my pillow, crying it all out. Maybe it'll be better if I least, that's what I've heard. didnt work for her...but I mean...we are different! Everyone is different! It...has to work for me...right? It'll work! Right...?

My head hurts from crying, my eyes hurt from the tears, my heart hurts from the news, and I feel sick to my stomach. I grew up with her...and now she was gone...god, this is harder then I thought it would be...

I hold my pillow tightly as a sob, memories flashing through my mind. I would never get to have another happy moment with her and I would never get to see her. My heart only hurts more and more and more as I continue thinking.

Soon, after what seems like centuries, I drift to sleep.

I awake in a room that's completely white. It smells of honey and sweet flowers. There, I see her. I stare at her, my heart skipping a beat.

"Chase..." she breathes and hugs me tightly, a giant smile on my face. She much healthier. "Mom..." I whisper, rubbing my head against her. " son, I have to give you something." She says softly and pulls something from her pocket.

She holds out my hand and places something on it. She places a necklace with a click on it in the palm in my hand. " this?" I ask quietly, smiling and looking at her.

She giggles, running her head through her hair.

"One  day, you'll see, my love."
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