Save Me From Myself...

Save Me From Myself...

Things...had gotten worse for Cry. Sunn was always gone, Scare became more strict and was home more often, and Cry didn't know how much longer she could take...((TW))

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The Meeting.

((A/N: Crimson is not mine, he is Alyssa's OC. I give credit to her for Crimson and for letting me write this. Also, a TW. Includes gore, blood, some sexual themes, drinking, abuse, cutting, suicide,  and some other things.))

It was around midnight and soft sobs could be heard. Deep in the forest, sat Cry, her knees held to her chest and her head buried in her knees as she sobbed. Blood ran down her mouth, arms, and legs and onto the floor. She coughed quietly. Her sobs only got louder. She was shaking rather hard.

Crimson blinked open his eyes, sitting up. He rubbed them as he yawned. He slid out of bed, and slid on his black jean jacket and walked out of his room. He slid his blue converse on and walked outside. He walked around the forest silently, not caring that it was cold. He ran his hand through his dark red, curly hair and continued walking around.

Cry looked over at her knife, biting her lip. She shakily picked it up and held out her right arm. She slid the knife across her arm then jabbed it into her arm. She whimpered, tears welling up in her eyes again. She pushed it farther, causing her to yelp.

Crimson looked up as he heard a yelp. He somewhat knew the voice of the yelp. He tensed up and ran. Towards the scream, or where he guessed it to be, to be exact. He continue running, fear stabbing at him like a dagger.

Cry slowly slid the knife out of her arm, blood dripping onto the floor from the newly opened wound. She edged the bloody knife toward her neck, lifting her head up. Her whole body was shaking hard, her eyes were filled with tears, and blood dripped from her countless opened wounds, as well as her mouth.

Crimson soon made it to her. He quickly ran over, grabbing the knife. Cry opened her eyes, looking up at him. He threw the knife somewhere and pulled her close. He ran his hand down her back gently as she sobbed into his chest.

He picked her up gently and slowly walked back to his house. He sat her on the couch and walked to the coffee table, pulling out a suitcase from under it. He opened it and pulled out a syringe. He gently took one of her room, putting the liquid into her arm. He then took some bandages, wrapping them around her wounds. He then wiped the blood off of her mouth gently.  He kissed his cheek and picked her back up. He carried her to his bedroom and gently laid her on his bed, and laid beside her. He pulled the blanket over them and she stared at him, sniffling.

She moved closely to him and put her head on him. He wrapped her arms around her tightly, closing his eyes. She sighed softly, closing her eyes. She soon fell asleep, and Crimson soon did as well.
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