Welcome To Flower Skies!

Welcome To Flower Skies!

Hello and welcome to Flower Skies! How did you get here? Well...aha, Nobody f*cking knows! You cant escape, though! That's all we know!

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You awake on your back, staring at a white tiled roof with black sprinkled on it but...it doesn't seem like normal black paint...more like...ashes? Confusion stirs within you and you close your eyes. Everything...hurts but your head hurts the most, it's throbbing. You don't even dare move as you know it will only cause much more pain. The room smells of honey and flowers...but there's a faint scent of ash. You don't know of any place such as this...so...where exactly...are you?

The door opens and your eyes slowly open and you turn your head toward the door. There stands a male with white hair that, strange enough, has black specks on it. His shirt is light gray and his pants are completely black, he seems to be holding a tray in his left hand. He slowly walks over to you, his blue eyes shining with hope.

"Hello, I'm Dots." The male speaks, his blue eyes travelling across you. He studies your body shape for a few seconds and for that few seconds you feel very uncomfortable. He props you up carefully and you wince in pain, though he says nothing else. He puts an ice pack that's wrapped into a rag in it on your head gently. He puts some purple liquid into a glass of water, stirs it, and then puts a finger on your chin. Fear stirs in your heart slightly. He opens your mouth and puts the tip of the glass on your bottom lip. He then tilts it gently, and it falls into your mouth. You soon swallow after it's done. It...strangely doesn't have a taste.

Dots nods approvingly as he stands. "Well..." He starts, rubbing the back of his neck, "welcome to Flower Skies. Right now you are in the hospitable, Rose Thorns Hospitable. We have a cafe down the street, the flower shop next to us, a store next to the cafe..." he says, trialing off, thinking. You cough, snapping him out of his thoughts. "What's your name? I already said mine." He says as he pats the ice pack.

"M...My name is...(Y/N)..." You choke out. Your voice is young even to your own years. He nods slowly as he rubs the ice pack against your head. "Don't worry, your not gravely injured. A week or two in here, a lot of rest, and medicine will probably be fine. And when you do, or if you do, get out of here, take it easy." He says and you nod. His voice is gentle and calm, being rather soothing. You lean back, closing your eyes. He seems to move around and sings.

His words are deep and his voice is surprisingly good. He seems to be cleaning or so as he sings. His voice is filled with emotion as he sings and he's clearly lost in his music. He continues with his singing and cleaning. You drift into a light sleep...

Before you fall asleep you hear something whisper...
"Good night, (Y/N) (L/N)."
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