The Cats' Journey.

The Cats' Journey.

Starclan sends some cats a sign...and they must go on an journey. But to where? And why? And how?...

published on August 26, 20167 reads 4 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


It was a foggy, stormy night. The thunder roared and the rain poured. The cold water dripped down the leaves as the rain made a pitter patter sound against the soft, grassy ground.

Every cat had went into their dens, trying to make it out of the storm. It was so...loud. The young kit, who was named Snowkit after her beautiful, white fur, stared out at the sky, her bright yellow eyes filled with interest. She loved the pitter patter sound they made as they fell from the sky.

Her mother, Moonwish, quickly pushed her back into her nest and laid down beside her. "Snowkit, you could get sick." Moonwish meowed quietly, sniffing at her kit's pelt.

"But mom!" Snowkit protested, her bright eyes filled with joy. Moonwish let out a quiet, but amused sigh. "Your so much like your father." She meowed, touching her nose to her young kit's ear.

Snowkit squealed happily, her tail swaying in joy at the mention of her father. He was a very noble and loyal cat, one who offered to help everyone. She wanted to be like him! Who wouldn't?

Moonwish licked her kit's pelt, keeping her kit close. Soon, they both fell into a deep sleep...
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