Russian Roulette.

Russian Roulette.

They gathered once again for another round of the game. They always played until someone died. Sometimes their game lasted for hours, sometimes not even two minutes. ((TW, gore/blood, death/suicide.))

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((TW, gore/blood, death/suicide.))

The four sat on the floor. Alice, Cry, Aiden, and Tiger. The four remaining. At the moment, at least. One would die, and other three would survive. But who, who out of all, would die? They always waited until someone died in it. Their little game. A thing they used for fun. For the adrenaline when the gun was pressed up against your head and you had to see if it was the one with the bullet. It was so exciting...yet terrifying at the same time. They were afraid of death. They really were. But they wanted it, to.

Alice kept Cry close, running her fingers through Cry's silky soft, black hair. She kissed her lover's head, and Tiger smiled. "You two sure are perfect together." Tiger said and Alice nodded. Aiden chuckled, "Alice does always find the ones who stay until death do them part." Alice giggled, nuzzling Cry's head gently. Cry giggled softly, staring at the others. Tiger put the gun on the ground, spinning it. It landed at Cry, who then picked it up.

No sound was made, other then the clicking sound of the trigger being pulled. "Wowie, Cry, your the one who made this up and you aren't dead! Geesh, this gun must love you!" Aiden said, laughing as Cry put the gun back, spinning it. This time, it landed on Tiger. Tiger rolled his eyes, picking it up.

Again, no sound other then the click. "Looks like I survive. At least, round one. If they is more rounds then one, of course." Tiger said, spinning the gun. This time, it landed on Aiden. Aiden picked it up. "Aiden? Wow." Tiger said, tilting his head. Aiden smirked, "I won't die, I know it."

All of their hearts were beating so fast. When would it be set off? Who would die? How many rounds would there be?

A gun shot went off and Aiden fell. Blood gathered in a pool around Him. Alice sighed, "Too brave. His confidence killed him." The rest nodded. Truly, they didn't went to lose him, but it had been that way. They chose not to show their emotion. Tiger stood with a sigh. "We better get home, Alice. Jade would be pissed if he found out we came, again, without his permission." Tiger said as Alice stood. Cry yawned, standing as well.

"Bye, love. Sleep tight." Alice said, kissing Cry on the head and then following Tiger out. Cry bent down, the little bell on her collar jingling quietly. She closed Aiden's eyes with her fingers, picked up the gun, and stood up. She walked slowly to the door. She then looked back at Aiden, frowning and sighing. "Bravery kills." She whispered, turning away. She then walked out, closing the door behind her.

She slowly made her way back to her room, limping slightly. She unlocked her door, sliding in. She then locked the door back. She walked over to her closet, and slid off her hoodie. She looked at herself in the mirror inside the closet and sighed.

She made her way to her bed, laying on it. She closed her eyes, letting herself fall asleep...
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Russian Roulette? Like the song??
on December 08, 2016