A Forbidden Love.

A Forbidden Love.

A slave fell in love with a master and the master fell in love with the slave. Things start happening, and in no way they're good things, will they make the right choices and survive or fall under and perish? (!REMAKE!)

published on August 07, 201610 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


It was midnight and a storm raged on. Alex was curled up under his blanket, terrified. He was scared of thunder storms, they terrified him. His eyes were filled with tears and he silently cried. As well as the thunder storm, he had been punished, though not by his own master, and the punishment...was the worst punishment he had ever had...and that was rather big as he had been a slave since a child.

Chase pushed his way into Alex's room silently and pulled him close. "Shhhhh..." Chase said, rubbing Alex's back gently. Chase sang softly, kissing Alex's head. "M...master?" Alex asked softly and Chase nodded, "Yes, it is me and I'll be here, I promise."

Alex hid his face in Chase, sobbing. Chase simply ran his hand down Alex's back gently, singing a song quietly. "I'm sorry you had to go through that. It wont happen again, I promise." Chase said, kissing Alex's ear gently. Alex sniffled, nodding as he cried. Chase continued the soft lullaby.

"In the morning, it will be okay," Chase sang, "the pain will fade and I'll be here," he continued, "waiting and watching you grow happily with me.", he continued the song and he kissed Alex's head, "So, just sleep, my love, and slip into the wonderland of dreams." He finished quietly, rubbing Alex's back.

Alex had fallen asleep, comforted by Chase simply being there for him, once again. Chase closed his eyes, letting out a sigh. "It wont happen again." He said to himself, trying to reassure himself. "You'll be there for Alex next time. He'll be fine. We'll be fine. Nothing will happen." He spoke to himself in a soft voice.

He didn't know if he believed his own words, but it calmed him down over so slightly. The soft sounds and warm body of Alex caused Chase to smile, resting his head on his crush's head gently. "God damn it, your so cute." Chase whispered.

Chase soon fell into a, surprisingly comfortable and deep, sleep.

The two males' dreams were surprisingly happy and they both, secretly, wish it could come true.

It was a grassy plain with one single tree, where the two were sitting. The male with light brown hair laughed as the other joked around. They both sat under the oak wood tree, Chase's head on Alex's shoulder, and Alex's head on Chase's head. They were holding hands as they watched the sunset. It was peaceful, ever so peaceful, and they wished this moment could last forever. Alex kissed Chase's head gently with a "I love you." Chase giggled softly, kissing Alex's neck gently, replying with "I love you too." Alex smiled, kissing Chase's lips. "Your mine. Only mine. Mine forever. You are only mine forever." Alex whispered and Chase blushed softly, licking Alex's top lip gently. "Of course, my love. I'll never leave you. I would never dream of doing so."
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