You Did Everything Wrong.

You Did Everything Wrong.

What did you do wrong? Well, you did everything wrong. It is your fault Alice is dead.

published on August 07, 20166 reads 6 readers 0 not completed

"n-no!'s not my f-fault...r-right?...right?!"

((TW for gore/blood, slightly sexual themes, drinking, suicide, etc.))

Scare growled in anger, shoving Cry to the floor. He kicked at her skull, ignoring her pleads for her life. He grabbed her neck and shoved her to the wall. He held her neck tightly with one hand, choking her. He then threw her to the ground and Cry didn't fight back.

Because she wasn't supposed to. She was just a slave, meant for the purpose of pleasing her master, or masters. She stopped pleading for her life, only soft sobs could be heard for her now. She had no right to disobey, and she did, by pleading for her life.

"It's your fault!" Scare screamed, kicking Cry's chest and then pulling his knife that he always kept with him out of his pocket. Cry coughed some blood as he kicked her again, barely even having the strength left to sob. First them, second Aiden, third Tiger...and now Alice. Why did everyone she cared for...leave her? Either through suicide...dying...or just getting angry at her...

She felt a sharp pain in her leg, and she closed her eyes tightly. She didn't fight back, only sobbed. This was her punishment and she couldn't deny it. "It's your fault Alice is dead. You don't deserve love." Scare said as he kicked her once again. "You don't deserve a life. You have no purpose." He continued, kicking at her again, causing her cough up more blood.

"You could've saved every single one of them. But, no, you didn't. And now they're dead and it's your fault. How do you feel to know how many lives have been lost because of you?" Scare continued, picking Cry up once again by the neck.

He shoved the knife in her side, causing her to let out a scream, pain filling her left side. "I...I..." She attempted to speak, but only succeeded in coughing up blood and sobbing, she barely had enough strength to cry, let alone scream. Blood dripped from her mouth and fall into the floor, making a small puddle of blood.

He threw her to the ground, the knife forcing it's way through a bone as she hit the ground. He kicked at her one more time. He smirked, looking down at the small girl.    He stared at her as she sobbed. Blood dripped from her wounds. So many wounds, so much pain. She let out a whimper, it was the only thing she could manage by now. Her tears mixed with the pool of blood she laid in as she couldn't move. Her whole body screamed in pain and she could barely think. She breathed heavily, it being so hard to breathe. She didn't want this but she still got it. But...was it her fault all of her friends, and the love of her life, were dead? It wasnt...right?

Her eyes slowly opened as he walked away. Her vision was blurry from tears and pain as he walked away. She couldn't move. Soon, her eyes closed, and she went unconscious...
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