Time To Go, My Love.

Time To Go, My Love.

Bloom finally decides what to do. To her 'love', Scarfy. Just a simple...game.

published on August 08, 20168 reads 7 readers 0 not completed

"It's going to be so much fun!"

Bloom giggled as she stood, walking over to Scarfy, who was visiting to talk to Von, one of their daughters. How many did they have again? Four? Three? Ehhhhhh...

She ran her finger across his mouth, causing him to look up. "Hey, lovely. I want you to come with me for awhile." She said, giving him a smile. He sighed, standing. "I'll go." He replied and the two walked away.

She put her dark purple hair in a braid as they walked and he ran his fingers nervously through his bright blue hair. "You have a very nice hair color..." Bloom said sweetly and Scarfy nodded. "Thanks. You too."

It had been awhile. Scarfy was strapped a chair and he stared up at Bloom, who was smirking. Bloom's phone was on and recording this all. Scary's green scarf was wrapped around Bloom's neck. She lifted his head up with her knife, whispering "This will be fun."

She slid the knife down his arm and then the other arm, leaving a long scar on both. She then carved a heart into his cheeks and forehead. "B-Bloom..." Scarfy whispered, pain in his tone of voice. Bloom licked her lips, giggling. "Your so cute when you beg."

Bloom slowly tortured him, savoring every whimper, whine, and yelp he made. Every limb on him was bleeding. "B-B...Bloom...are you...going to kill me...?" He asked quietly, whimpering as the knife sliced through his skin. "Oh, yes, I am. But we'll be together forever. I'll get Sunn to turn you into a doll. And we'll forever be together." Bloom whispered into his ear and a soft smile crossed Scary's face.

He had been expecting to be killed off by her as soon as he met her. She was dangerous and sadistic. But he didn't care, he just wanted to be with her. Now they we're married, had children, too. He knew Bloom loved him in pain, so he didn't bother trying to hide it. And...Bloom truly did love him and they would stay together. forever.

She shoved a knife into his left shoulder and then another into his right. He bit his lip as blood dripped from the newly opened wounds. Bloom's green eyes sparkled as she watched the blood drip from Scary's body and onto the floor. She took the knifes out and then slid them gently across his neck, careful to not to leave deep wounds.

After a few more hours or torturing, Bloom decided it was time to end this game. She whispered "I love you.", kissing his lips and then shoved the knife into his chest. Blood dripped from his mouth, getting onto Bloom's lips. But she didn't care, she loved the taste of blood anyways. She shoved it deeper, and deeper, and deeper. As deep as she could go. His body went limp, blood oozing out of his many open wounds. She pulled away, licking her lips.

"That was fun."
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