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The War Of The Raiders
I was six when the war came. The raiders took over my fathers kingdom and my family was forced to move to Ardianl. A small unnoticed village in a far away place. The war is back and things are coming back, dark magic, and death.
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The Daughter Of Santa Claus (a short story)
Carol is the daughter of Santa Claus and Misses.Claus. This is a story of what a 13 year old girls life would be like living in the north pole, And what happens when jack frost attacks the north?
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Daughter of Poseidon
Elaina is a brave girl who knows who she is...until she finds out that she is actually the daughter of Poseidon
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50 Random Facts About Me
want to know 50 facts about me? then read this book and get to know me better!
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Arrows and Regret
Alice a medieval peasant with lots of fight and lots of heart, can't help but fear for her life as her parents are ripped from her and the memories begin, everything she has done has grown into pain, and she must over come the...
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where love hides
this is a book i will be taking really seriously i really want it to be popular but any who: Angie is a 16 year old girl, she lives in a fancy house, and has never fallen in love before when she meets a poor orphan boy, and fal...
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me and my ghost
Lila is a 12 year old girl who has always been able to talk to ghost. her mom died when Lila was born so she was stuck with her drunk dad. now the most people she talks to are the ones not even alive.
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my short story
this is a short story i have just came up with and i don't know how to describe it so ya. ps a sad story (completed)
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element university
element university is the only collage for element benders, ally is an avatar ready to make her next move which is indeed,college at elements university.
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element character generator
well basically just fill out the questions to make your very own element character
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amity -my own divergent book
tapanga is a peaceful girl who loves to take risks and if anything candor is not her place.
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secret wars ~book one~ time
this is a book about a secret war going on in different times thank to a flaw in their time machine now they rely on Amy an 11 year old girl to fix them but to do it in secret creating a secret war this book is placed in 4097 o...
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year 60897 there is a new way to teach children, cutting them off from all contact to anyone except our teacher. we all had our own to learn we were assigned when children to what we would do each one with their own fear but th...
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a murderers guardian
15 year old Mia Millered get into a car crash, having a good soul she is sent to heaven and is assigned to be a guardian angel, to a murder.
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spell book
this is a spell book that will tell you the best spells in the whole world of magic
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series: one way back ~ book one: test town
"forget" that's all i can remember from my past why would i need to forget what did i need to to forget had i already forgotten it?
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hunger games (the first)
this is my story of the first ever hunger games. people say that the hunger games was made to show the 12 districts that the capital was number one the all powerful but in the first ever hunger games district 13 was still on t...
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to be free
5678 is the year now for you it is the future for me it's happening right now there is mostly tech now but there's a place free from that it's called Hawaii
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there are so many dragons that there is a whole txt book about it for my real magic school g check it out on my home
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plants, herbs, and the ten plants of the sacred meadow
this is another txted book for my students on real magic school if you are not apart of that you can still read and maybe even check out my school after reading you can take the quiz
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