where love hides

where love hides

this is a book i will be taking really seriously i really want it to be popular but any who: Angie is a 16 year old girl, she lives in a fancy house, and has never fallen in love before when she meets a poor orphan boy, and falls in love but is soon forbidden now they meet in a meadow where the birds chirp, the flower blooms and love sings

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into the ally/ breakfasts

into the ally/ breakfasts

(pic of Angie)
i walk down stairs into our huge dinning room.
"morning ms. Angie" my butler says
"we've talked about this" i say kindly "just call me Angie"
"yes, Ms. Angie" he says and i laugh
"ugh my parents said you had to call me ms. Angie didn't they!" i laugh some more
"yes m-"
"it's just, Angie" i say putting my hand over his mouth.  i walk barefoot on the cold steps down to the kitchen where the cooks cook.
"MORNING" i happily say to the cooks
"morning" Miranda the head cook says
"whats for breakfast?"
"toast, fruits, apple juice, and donuts just for you" she hands me two glazed donuts
"Thank you!" i say walking upstairs. I stop half way and look down "thank you everyone for serving us" i smile and run up to my room. I get to my room and open the door. My kitten named Muffin runs up to me and i hold out me hand, she places her head onto my hand to show trust.  I scratch her head and set the donuts down on my dresser.
"Wanna piece" i say but Muffin just turns around and jumps on my bed.  "Fine I'll get bacon" i laugh.  I run down stairs and quickly get a piece of bacon and bring it upstairs. I put it on the floor and Muffin runs and starts eating it. I quietly get changed from my gown into a white shirt, jeans, and ugg boots.  I take out my blue bag and muffin jumps into it. I rap up the donuts and put them in too.
"Common we have until my mom wakes up that leaves me an hour"  i say to Muffin  running down stairs.  When i get to the steps i lift up one of the rocks to reveal a pocket knife, journal, and pen.  I pick them up and put them in my bag. I sling my bag over my shoulder and run to the ally where if you keep going the trail tracks are. I run to ally and slip behind the trash cans, and try to avoid the broken bits of glass. i sit down and eat my donuts.
i think I'm alone until i hear dome quiet footsteps behind me.  I quickly pull out my knife and take a step forward.
"whose there?" i say i walk to the edge of the building where the railroads are.  I hear it again, I whirl around to see a boy staring at me, he looked my age but maybe even older.  i lower my hand a little bit.
"who are you"? i say again.  i take a big step forward cornering him against the bricked wall.
"I'm Luke" he says sounding nerves
"were you spying on me?"
"no i was just wondering why you where down here"
"you could of just asked!" i say
"well what if you where dangerous"
"well, I'm not" i say lowering my knife all the way, I close the handle and put it away "i'm Angie by the way" i say holding out my hand, but he doesn't take it.  I put it down and pick up my bag and donuts.  
"what are you doing back here?" he asks me
"this is where i hide from my parents"
"did you run away?"
"no but i like to have personal time, they can be annoying"
"so where are your parents?" i ask looking around
"up there" he points at the sky
"i don-....oh I'm sorry to hear that"
"it's fine really"
"so do you live at the orphanage?"
"of course not that place is evil!"
"really how"
"you have to do chores and stuff for the headmistress"
"sounds awful!"
"it is"
"i should probably go" i say "may be we can back here same time" i run back to ally "Bye!"
I run home and walk up the steps, my mom would be awake any minute!  I run up to my room and shove my back pack onto my closet floor, i change my ugg boots into heals and my jeans into a black skirt.
"Mom" i say to my mom when i get to her room
"yes honey" she says putting her robe on
"can i go outside" i say hopefully
"no it's a dangerous world to dangerous for you" she says and i glumly turn around, that meant i would have to wake up early again just to get outside.
"I'll meet you down stairs" i say walking down.  I sit at the table and wit for my mom.  She finally comes down in a small white small gown, fancy as always.
"whats for breakfasts?" i ask as if i don't know.
"the usual" Miranda says bringing it up
" so Angie" my mom says when we are alone at the dinner table "as you know you are 16 now and that is the age i was when i first found a man to marry an-"
"mom it's the 21 century now we wait usually till we are 19 or so"
"yes yes i know but you can at least get a boy friend"
"ya good luck finding me a guy"
"of i have a guy i want you to meet,and you are for lunch" she says smiling, I spit out some of my toast
"oh mom you don't need t-"
"no i want to so hurry up and lets pick a dress that won't make you look like a slob"
"but then we would be lying" i laugh quietly
"just hurry up" she says and i sigh quietly
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on September 14, 2015
Pls write more! ^.^
I am going to this afternoon if not it's because i went swimming! And i'm really glad you like my book! :)
on July 01, 2015
on July 01, 2015