Daughter of Poseidon

Daughter of Poseidon

Elaina is a brave girl who knows who she is...until she finds out that she is actually the daughter of Poseidon

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Chapter 1.

Chapter one

I dive in and as soon as i hit the water i feel safe. I swim all the way to the other side of the pool with just one breath.  I can't hear anything it's peaceful.  I get to the other end and swim up to the ladder, and climb up.  
"Good work Elaina" my coach says, and i blush
"aw thanks" i say
"your welcome" she says "now lets get back to work" I nod, and jump back in. "try a back flip into the water"
"okay" i pull myself out of the water and do a back flip
"better but you need to tuck in your knees more"
"okay like this"? i do it again better this time and my coach smiles
"perfect"! she cheers
"yes"! i say climbing out and i look at the clock "crap i got to go"
"alright see you tomorrow"
"okay" she says. I dry off and change into my dry clothes. I walk out and call  a cab
"TAXI" i yell. A cab pull out and i Get in closing my eyes cursing my curfew.  I f i could i would be at swimming practice and meets every second of every day.  I think until i get to my stop
"bye" i say paying him a 5 dolor bill and getting out.  i walk into my house and my mom is baking cookie for the fundraiser for the swimming team.  My mom was the one who was always involved with what i did and would always help out no matter what.
"hello sweety" she say mixing Cookie batter
"hay mom' i say plopping onto the couch.  I turn on the TV but can't find anything.
"how was practice"?
"good i learned how to back flip into the pool"
"why do i have a curfew"? i say and my mom stops
"well i want you to come home early"
"oh you know i like it when your home"
"oh" i say but i know she is hiding something, something she is doing really bad at hiding. I continue watching TV flipping through channels and watching show after show. I was not picky about what i watch but what was on was just documentary's.  I sigh
"DINNER TIME" my mom shouts even though she is just three feet away.
"YOU DON'T HAVE TO YELL" i yell smiling, she smiles back and hands me a plate filled with fries and a cheese sandwich.  I smile digging in and eating pretty slow trying to take in my moms famous cheese sandwich.  She always seems to make it perfect.
"how is it"? my mom asks me when I'm done.
"good" i say smiling. "you never do wrong" My mom blushes and brings the dishes to the sink.
"why don't you go get ready for bed who knows what tomorrow will bring and you my as well be Away for it" My mom says washing the dishes and i laugh
"OK" i say still laughing and i walked into the bathroom.
        I finish getting ready for bed and hop into the covers of by small bed.  It wasn't too too small because i was pretty small myself.  I had blue covers and white pillows. I loved the way it reminded me of the ocean, it always made me feel like i was sleeping in water.
"good night" My mom says walking into my room and Turning off the light. I pull out my phone and turn on some music to help me sleep. It doesn't work at first but then i slowly fall into a deep sleep.  
        I wake up but I'm not awake.  I look around, i must be dreaming.  I am In the ocean i am swimming to the bottom of the ocean floor.  I am at the bottom.  I look around.  I see something, it gets closer. I began to swim but i don't go anywhere.  The figure gets closer, it's a man, i feel like i know the  man so i swim up to him.
"hello" i say.  The man just looks at me. His hair is grey and he has a grey beard. I realize he is riding a dolphin.
"hello" he says.  I know that voice... i Think which is hard being in a dream and all. then it hits me...
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on November 28, 2015
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