year 60897 there is a new way to teach children, cutting them off from all contact to anyone except our teacher. we all had our own to learn we were assigned when children to what we would do each one with their own fear but there is one thing so dangerous almost anyone would kill you immediately it is called: divigend : being able to face your fears and turning them into someone else fear.

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Chapter 1.


  I woke up to the sound of my couch Kia,she was a tall white woman with short blonde hair always down, she wore a black t-shirt and grey sweat pants.  I got up and got dressed into a blue tang top and black pants i tied my black hair up into a pony tale. Kai led me to the mane room where there was a dummy which creeped me out.  Kai pointed to it and i turned to it i took my stance and as soon as a swung i was on the ground Kai in her stance, oh so we were fighting each other, she smiled.  I got up quick and dodged her next two punches and she ducked as i through a puck at her i swung my legs kicking her in the chest hitting her on the ground but it did nothing to effect her. She got up and grabbed a stick from the weapon rack and swung it at me and i fell to the ground quickly got up and grabbed a stick and swung it at her head giving her a bloody nose.
"okay that's enough!" Kai laughed holding her nose "why don't you go do archery" i nodded and headed over and did archery. after i did throwing knifes and that left me with lunch. I sat down at the small table the only table with Kai and ate my sandwich
"so how do you think I'm doing"? i asked but she looked at m and i remembered she could only talk to me when training. "nod if i'm doing good and shake your head if i am not doing good" she nodded and i smiled then i frowned.
"sorry, it's just that I'm almost 16 and when i am i have to leave to interact with other people and to train with other people my age what if they are better then me" the clock went off and it was back to training but i couldn't get it off my mind what if i wasn't good enough! we went back to physical contact fighting and i was thrown to the ground.
"ow..." i said my arm was twisted under my arm and it hurt when i moved it out Kai tried to jump on me but i rolled out of the way and through a punch at her hitting her chest.  she was down for a second but got up and through a punch at me hitting me in the face making my ear ring.
"ok,ok" i said backing up. "I'm done! it was ate anyways so i went to bed my check bruised.
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I don't get it yet but I'm guessing I'm gonna when the next chapters out ^-^
ya when i read a book i don't get it till the 2 chapter!
on April 29, 2015
on April 29, 2015