The War Of The Raiders

I was six when the war came. The raiders took over my fathers kingdom and my family was forced to move to Ardianl. A small unnoticed village in a far away place. The war is back and things are coming back, dark magic, and death.

published on December 19, 201515 reads 8 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


       I was six years old when the war started.  The raiders came and stole the kingdom.  I was in the middle of the war.  I was hit by a stick in the eyes and woke up a while later to my father, and mother.  The damage to my eyes wasn't bad, but i could see things...things i probably shouldn't.  My eyes turned a different color, purple,  my parents didn't know what to do so my father and mother took me to the village of Ardinal. They went right back to find my sister Maris.  She was never found. My father came back a week later, no mother.  The war had ended and was named the day war.  It lasted a day. The scars would last forever.  I stayed close to the village but when i turned ten i would regularly go horse back riding with Sugar.  I would leave in the morning and wouldn't be back till dark.  Soon i was taking any excuse to be out.  I would ride to a meadow i found when i was Twelve.  I am sixteen and still here in Ardinal.  Life is the same, eat, sleep, and ride.  I have token up knife throwing but i rarely use it.  I have become very friendly with the once very scary villagers.  I help them when i am not in the woods.  They are a nice people, victims of The raiders that will no longer hurt them now that they have me father's kingdom.  
"Adeline"! A old woman i help wash dishes with calls and i quickly run over.
"What is it"? i ask
"Help me fetch the well"  She says.
"My pleasure" i say joyfully pulling up the bucket and helping her carry it to her near by cottage made out of cold grey stones. I open her wooden door and put the pale on her small metal table.
"Thank you Adeline" she says smiling.  She takes out her pitcher and take a sip of water.  I walk out a go to my family's tent.  
"There you are Adeline" My mother says "your father is looking for you"  she says and i walk into the tent where my father is.
He looks at me with his bog blue eyes."Adline, i need you to send a message
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Comments (2)

AWESOME so far! I love your stories! You've been really doing AMAZINGLY with spelling and grammar, too!!
on December 22, 2015
Good story!
on December 19, 2015