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Imagine (2)
Allison gets the chance of her life to finally meet her celebrity crush Logan Lerman. They both hit it off until Logan starts having feelings for Allison. Will Allison and Logan become a "thing", or will they avoid each other a...
18 reads 9 readers 1 by Septic._.Fan
What if..?
What if you had a time limit tattooed onto your skin? What if you only had a month to live, watching the timer on your skin slowly count down your time to live? What if you found the love of your life..?
55 reads 21 readers 52 by Tomatoes
The lost world (SERIES #2 -#8)
Kenzie finally graduated, but before she can, she has to gas up ODM gas tanks. She thought this was a start to a new beginning of her life. But before she could put down the last gas tank, a loud boom threw her into the air.
13 reads 6 readers 14 by XxMarcoAndJeanxX
35 Facts You Didnt Know!
This is just a random story i am making! If it gets good ratings, i might make another one! Hahaha see if you like it!
266 reads 87 readers 54 by earth707
teenager posts!
hi guys and girls! this isn't really a story so to say but this has some teenager posts in it. I hope you enjoy! see ya :)
296 reads 68 readers 32 by autymn.lily
Heroes of Olympus Chatroom
Percy: SeaweedBrain Annabeth: Wisegirl Leo: FixitLeo Hazel: Plutosjewel Frank: Koiboy Jason: Sparky16 Piper: Charmycherokee Nico: Skullboy
182 reads 43 readers 6 by charlie.clements.7
Ben (Drowned)
This story is about Ben (Drowned) who is a Creepypasta. Note that this story is just a campfire story and is not real.
132 reads 42 readers 5 by Skar.the.Killer
problems & abusive love
17 year old liz has much more than a broken nail to be worrie about, her life is a misery and she has to take crap from her family
48 reads 22 readers 6 by kattie
Just One Mistake
What if one mistake made you lose what you rely on most: your hearing? What if that mistake made you start fresh in a whole other state, with a new name and new look, at a whole new school? What if the relaxing voice of your mo...
86 reads 29 readers 18 by TurtleLover96
Annoying Things Moms Do
These are just some of the really annoying things your mom does, we have all been there when our mom just ticks us off just a little bit we want to never ever talk to her again but here you can say all the annoying things your ...
54 reads 32 readers 2 by RosenEliza
Name Creator
Stuck on a name for an OC? Well you've come to the right place! This book will help you create a name!
63 reads 20 readers 5 by Dei_Dei
Impure   -Character Guide-
The statuses and information of characters so far in the story. Chapters will be added along with the introduction of new characters.
99 reads 25 readers 13 by Lightstriker195
Bullying is BAD.
This is a story composed of a bunch of fictional stories about bullying. I made them up.
60 reads 15 readers 13 profile storyby GalacticBiRavenclaw
Kronos's attack
This story is about how Percy Jackson must fight alongside his camp mates to save the camp. However the person he is fighting is none other than Kronos, the Titan of time.
2 reads 2 readers 0 by Lila888
All that remains
This is a story about a teenage boy, who falls hard for a girl, his friends try to tell him she is bad news, but he won't listen. will he find out what they are talking about before it is too late?
38 reads 11 readers 24 by rocklord
Ice Queen
When Crystalla Rogers was only 7 years old, she learnt that she could control ice And Snow with a wave of her hands or her emotions. Follow Crystal as we see her fighting her fears, battling her past being abused, finding her b...
201 reads 28 readers 7 by Disneyaesthetic
Calypso is a Greek Myth -- the daughter of Atlas, a Titan defeated in the war between Kronos and the gods. When he was defeated, Calypso was cursed to spend the rest of eternity on an island. Every once in a while, a hero will ...
213 reads 32 readers 49 by vive_la_revolution