Kronos's attack

Kronos's attack

This story is about how Percy Jackson must fight alongside his camp mates to save the camp. However the person he is fighting is none other than Kronos, the Titan of time.

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Chapter 1.

What happened to the house?

Percy leapt from the burning torrent of the flames. His ashen face peered towards the crumpling, burning building that lay before him. Blood curdling screams erupted from within. Percy sprinted back in gagging and coughing on smoke to find the victims caught within. He came to a glass door, with Annabeth inside, screaming and spluttering. He effortlessly smashed the glass and grabbed Annabeth by the collar, dragging her into his arms. She was dazed and lay motionless in his cradling arms.
Percy headed back towards the exit, but his path was blocked by flames and falling wooden beams crashing down. He needed to find another way out. The back door's path was clear and Percy ran for it. The door was jammed and he had to force it open, but it wouldn't budge. After what felt like ages and his shoulder was definitely bruised the door opened to the serious and worried face of Grover Underwood. The flames were overtaking the house and the wooden walls came crashing down. One more person was left in the blaze. Percy's rival at camp, Clarisse  La Rue was inside the half- burnt down house and as much as Percy hated her, he would never forgive himself if she died in the flames. He shoved the half- conscious Annabeth Chase into Grover's arms and ran back into the blazing house fire.
Ash covered the floor like a carpet of storm clouds. Screams came from a nearby room and Percy burst through the door and into the study. A rubble and broken wood pile was lying on the floor. Percy stopped in his tracks, then an ash- covered hand surfaced, clenching its fists, as if trying to grasp the air. Percy acted immediately, running over to the pile. He rummaged around for a while. As he worked the temperature increased rapidly and Percy wiped the sweat from his brow and tugged at his collar. He dug deeper and found Clarisse's still grey face, peering up at him. Percy hopped she was still alive, as her eyes were closed and she appeared motionless.
Percy dragged her out of the rubble and carried her to the back door. Grover stood waiting for him. The house around him crumbled and creaked. Percy ran and placed Clarisse in Grover's arms. As he was about to leave out of the open door. The wooden beams crashed down and blocked the door's entrance. Percy was trapped, no where to go. He ran back into the study to find an open window, however the flames were engulfing the room. He was stressing out and didn't know what to do. The wooden roof creaked and cracked. Then caved in. The study room was filled with wood and flames. Percy trapped underneath.
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