Imagine (2)

Imagine (2)

Allison gets the chance of her life to finally meet her celebrity crush Logan Lerman. They both hit it off until Logan starts having feelings for Allison. Will Allison and Logan become a "thing", or will they avoid each other and pretend they don't exicist? (A Logan Lerman fanfiction, I got bored so I wrote this..) Anyway, hope you enjoy this fanfic story thing 😁

published on August 16, 201618 reads 9 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.
The "feels"

The "feels"

It all started when I saw him at the coffee shop...
  I'm Allison Parker. And this is the story of how I got the chance to meet Logan Lerman. It was the day before I started my new school. "Crimson School for the Arts." You see, my mom and I move around a lot. I decided to take a walk down to the coffee shop with my mother.
  "I'll take two mocha frappe's please." I told the barista. As she went off to go make them, I turned around to look at the other people in the coffee shop. Then I spotted a guy sitting next to a window, his sparkling blue eyes staring at me. He smiled at me and left. I just stood there in shock. I recognized that cute, adorable face. Logan Lerman. The barista finally came back and gave me the drinks, and I gave her the money.
" Ma'am," she said,"Are you alright?"
"Um, Yeah, I think so." I replied. I walked over to my mom looking out the windows suspiciously. I probably looked stupid, but I didn't care. This was serious.
"You ok sweetie?" My mom asked.
"I don't know mom, I think I just saw Logan Lerman..."
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Comments (1)

Pretty good for your first try 👍
on August 16, 2016