Octavian's Return story short - Leo's Return story

Octavian's Return story short - Leo's Return story

The Return series is continuing with another guy. Octavian's here! Everyone hide the teddy bears!

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They didn't know why they were searching for Octavian, but they were sent to. I guess that was a reason, actually.  They found him in the same place they found all of the others, in the pit. He was finding his way around with his dagger. Apparently he couldn't even see in front of him in the dim light.  

" Octavian?" Annabeth said screaming into the darkness." Is that you?"

His voice came back muffled in reply," yes." They all ran towards the sound. They all resisted touching him, it wasn't that hard.
" Can you guys see?" Octavian said screaming like we weren't right next to him. Apparently, his eyes didn't get used to the darkness.

"Yeah, we can all see Octavian. Why, can you?" Annabeth asked.

" No!" He exclaimed. He ran into Frank who caught him and pushed him backwards with what little strength he had.

" Wow there." Frank said," it's not nice to run into people."

"Sorry!"  Octavian said, "I didn't mean to."

"Sure, you didn't." Annabeth back sassed. Octavian didn't seem to like it as he thrashed around in the darkness, trying to find Annabeth's throat with his dagger.  

We are just trying to get you safely back to New Rome." Frank explained to Octavian.  He didn't seem to believe us at first, but eventually we convinced him to agree with the help of some of Piper's charm speak. He followed us up to the ArgoII, where Leo had been waiting for us.  

"Set sail for new Rome!"  Percy yelled, " Octavian's blind. Ha."

" Wait," Leo said laughing," he has the gift of sight, and he's blind?" I laughed at his reasoning.

"Yeah, I guess he is." Percy said  laughing.

" Oh yeah irony, just what we need." Octavian said, looking rather upset for a blind person. He was dissecting one of the teddy bears he always kept tied around his waist. This was starting to freak me out.

"Hey, Octavian?" Percy said, and Octavian looked his way, then remembered that he couldn't see," how are you going to see the future if you can't even see the present?" Everybody on the ship laughed except Octavian.

" You'll see." Octavian said way too seriously. He spread the stuffing out of his stuffed animals on the deck.

"Aww man." Leo complained," now I'm going to have to clean all of that up."  But he set course for new Rome anyway. He hoped that they wouldn't fire on the Greek battleship coming their way.

When they landed in the port at new Rome, they didn't have far to walk. Hazel and Frank were mostly worried about themselves, honestly. Octavian. Nobody liked him. Hazel and Frank? They were both Roman, and they had known most of the people here for a long time. They were worried of what they think of them.  It went more swiftly than they had thought. Octavian was returned, and it was said that he was blind. Reyna laughed. Then she looked at Hazel and Frank, and her smile faded.

"What happened to you two?" She asked pittifuly. She went up to stroke Hazel's face. Hazel waxed her hand away. She tried to hold Frank's arm, but he shook it off.

"Well, thank you... sort of... for bringing Octavian back.  Good luck."  She said, eying Hazel and Frank again.  They left quickly on the ArgoII.
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