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One Direction Charity Case
When one direction does a publicity thing at an orphanage, they end up finding something more then they expeccted.... ;)
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high school
this is going to be about how much i hate school, and how i get through the day.
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Last First Kiss
Tori was just like any other normal girl. She loves dancing, singing, painting and cooking but what she loves most is One Direction. One day, fate decides to change things for her and give her cancer. All her friends abandon he...
30 reads 28 readers 5
The Crush
This is a story dedicated to best friend whom I love so much! ChokolatLover. She helped me write a bit of the story but the rest I wrote. Anyways here's the plot: It's been one year since she's moved to Germany. After passing ...
103 reads 24 readers 3
The Seventh Element Of Harmony
Every pony thought that there were only 6 elements of harmony but they were wrong for there was another one, INSPIRATION!
159 reads 46 readers 7
Malfoys & Missions
Sequel to Thrown in Purposefully.It's when Jamie and Draco are grown up and have children.
65 reads 17 readers 5
Two knights and a princess
im thinking of publishing this into a book... please let me know what you think! Id really love to hear your comments... how can I make it better? Or is it good for a first book
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Moon Water
This is my first story. I don't know if it's any good. Just read it. I don't care how terrible it is.
60 reads 21 readers 9
Thrown in Purposefully
Get ready to find out what happens when a 16 year old girl is forced to change her life.Read to find out how & why.
68 reads 17 readers 2
Lester Wick road, Avenue 32, block 1, home to the Lady In Red. (Or should I say, Shantelle Gwenn.) Lately, the seductive detective has soared the newspapers, solving mysteries, defeating villains and cracking cases. Only thing ...
51 reads 19 readers 6
Smosh Fic- His Eyes are Open, but Where is the Light?
This wasn't meant to be taken as an Ianthony fanfiction, but you could think of it that way if you wanted to. Ian stays up late one night editing while Anthony is out partying. The next morning, he sleeps far too late for Ant...
8 reads 7 readers 4
When non idenitcla twins Miley and Maya, oppistes in looks but the same in personality, burn down their school their mum and dad decide that is the last straw and send them of to boarding schools. As if their lives couldn't ge...
26 reads 15 readers 11
Friendship or more? (Niall Horan Love Story)
The title tells all. I'm going to try to make this very suspenseful, and I am apologizing in advance if I fail miserably. This is dedicated to my friend, officalmrshoran. I hope you like it.
248 reads 37 readers 19
Slave to Love
A slave/master type of story - I understand I am not a professional and look for criticism and advice on how I can improve my writing :)
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Discovering Rose
I've recently read the book Finding Sky by Joss Stirling which I thought was AMAZING so this is kinda based around that, so please forgive me if it starts getting a little similar to Joss Stirling's book, and I will be borrowin...
94 reads 22 readers 10
How I Almost Saved the World: Part One: Regrets
Starr is a 4th year Hogwarts Ravenclaw who discovers a plot that will change the world forever and attempts to stop it...but this journey will ultimately lead to her own death.
12 reads 10 readers 5
Feeling Trapped
My name is Jamie.I live with my father and sometimes I hang with uncles/aunts/cousins.But they aren't exactly normal.And I think dad is hiding something big from me.
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Was it fate that brought you here?
He was a 16 year old boy living in the past.Forced into prostitution by President Snow and living with the constant burden of mentoring children for the annual Hunger Games.She was a 15 year old girl,lost and lonely.All she kne...
36 reads 15 readers 7
I am a maid, but my master hinks other wise
Here's a story of a beautiful, caring maid called Sofia, girls call her names and are jealous but guys crave her, especially her married master...
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