How I Almost Saved the World: Part One: Regrets

How I Almost Saved the World: Part One: Regrets

Starr is a 4th year Hogwarts Ravenclaw who discovers a plot that will change the world forever and attempts to stop it...but this journey will ultimately lead to her own death.

published on April 23, 201312 reads 10 readers 5 not completed

One Regret

I am dying.
I can feel the blood pouring from the slash at my wrist, the snake's poison working its way swiftly through my veins. I feel as if someone has been beating me over and over again with an iron rod, and the pain is so intense that all I want is for it to be over. I am whispering, for I can no longer yell, whispering for death. Yet it does not come. I must bear this pain a while longer.
My wand lies on the ground a few feet from me, snapped and useless. A few feeble sparks fly from its severed tip. I shiver. I don't want to die, here in the dark, here in the cold, alone. I am very scared. What happens after death? I'm going to die! I'm so alone, oh God, I'm cold. So cold.
It takes a while to realize that the cold is numbness working its way up my veins, the effects of the deadly poison. Already the dark room in starting to flicker before my eyes and fade, fade away into blackness. I hear footsteps and cringe; what if it's HIM, him coming to finish me off? I can't take any more pain like that, I can't! I croak a half-scream into the stillness and the footsteps grow louder, closer. I feel utterly exhausted and yet the horrid, powerful pain of the poison keeps me from falling into that endless sleep of death. let me sleep, let me die, please...
Then he is beside me, not HIM, the one who has done this to me, but Foxx, just as I knew he would come. He is speaking to me, distressed, but I can't tell what he is saying. Maybe he's telling me he loved me all this time but for some reason I hope he isn't, I hope that I can die with a friend, nothing complicated, just a best friend.
He checks my pulse with a gentle hand, but my eyes start to get blurry and I can't really see him anymore. I'm so happy that I won't die alone, so happy, that when things start to fade, I am almost content.
I had a good life, after all, with friends and joy and magic, and i have, after all these years, only one regret.
One regret.
And I know  I can never forgive myself. Countless people, wizards and muggles alike, will die because I failed. I will be haunted forever with the knowledge that  could have stopped the boy who calls himself Voldemort.
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Comments (5)

on May 04, 2014
on November 12, 2013
:(( cant wait for more!
on July 31, 2013
on April 23, 2013
You are a talented writer and I really look forward to the next chapters :) I don't hand out compliments like this without truly meaning it, and I read a ton and am quite picky so.. Nice work!
on April 23, 2013