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Ask me anything.
After a long absence, I've decided to do this so you guys could ask me any questions you wanted. It can be anything, from random to gross or it can even be love questions like are you in a relationship? Do you have a crush? Etc...
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Who do you love more? Hazza or Taylor Swiftie?
Hey guys, who do love more, the flirty but cute Hazza (Harry Styles) or the beautiful and talented Taylor Swift???? Answer in the post below!
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What do u think about this drawing?
I drew this with an app and was just wondering if u liked it
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Do dreams come true?
I've always wanted to be a doctor but I find it hard so I thought about being an actress cause I've always wanted to be on Tv, you know meet famous people but I don't sing that well, I don't take acting lessons, I have big chee...
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Why is everyone talking about Jeff the killer?
Everyone is talking about him, saying how they like him, no offense but I don't! Whenever I see his face, I get scared. I'm scared at looking in mirrors, I think about him at night, and don't want to go to the loo alone! He c...
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Who on Qfeats, drinks?
Do you drink alcohol? If yes, why?
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Iampretty, why did you hurt Hanna?
Because of Iampretty, Hanna left. I am subscribed to a page called Hanna pls come back and I just wanted to know why he or she hurt Iampretty.
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What do you think about this drawing 3?
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What do you think about this drawing 2?
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What do you think about this drawing?
I drew something and I just wanted to know what you guys thought about it!
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Which celebrity would you marry?
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In which country would you like to live?
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Do you have a crush?
And if you do, who is it? (You dont have to say)
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How was the world made?
Just wondering.
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Who is better? You decide?
PSY or JUSTIN BIEBER? Who do you like best???
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Which Psy song is better, Opa Gangnam style or Gentleman?
Which is better? YOU decide!
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