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Please can you tell me if my picture of Damon Salvatore is actually good?
I drew this yesterday in front of Don't tell the bride please can you tell me what you think truthfully and any tips would be great thanks xxxxx Personally I think its fine but not brill ... how can Improve it going to look ...
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Who else watches the tv show "Bones"?
I've encountered a few people on here who also watch "Bones", which is one of my fave tv shows. So do YOU watch "Bones"?
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Who's ur favorite Hunger Games character?
WANTED:New characters for my upcoming story
All you need to do is fill out this form and i'll add your character to the story i'm making.Will accept late entries. Name: Age: Gender: District: Family: History: Weapons: Weaknesses: Strengths: Fears: Training Score: Intervi...
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