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Living Nightmare
After Liam's death, Harry and the boys receive a mysterious note, telling them that each and single one of them will be killed. The boys are panicking but Harry is determined to find out who is behind this. Will Harry find out...
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I'm Not Good Enough For You (A Liam Payne FanFic)
Antonia is the new girl. She just moved to London. Liam is the freak, the bad boy who nobody likes. When they first meet, they hate each other but that soon changes when they find out more about each other's past. If they ...
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The diary (One direction Fan Fic)
Franziska is now dead. Liam feels so guilty about everything. She loved him but he always ignored her and rejected her. He doesn't have the courage to go to her funeral so sends Niall instead. Niall comes back and apparently, F...
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Hurt. (One direction fanfic)
Angela has had a rough past and the only one keeping her together is her 'boyfriend' Troy. After breaking up with her, Angela is lost and sees a man that looks exactly like Troy but realizes it's none other than Louis Tomlinson...
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I've decided to interview Qfeaters or RBRs! Pls comment on who you want me to interview next!
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One direction Imagine
Everyone's been doing this so I decided to make one. Comment below and you might be in the story!
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The legend of Slender Pony
Rainbowdash and all her friends go to a camp. There she tells them a scary story. The next night, she wants to find slender pony. Will she find him?
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Funny Love...
Normal girl, Harumi is a student at Tokyo high. It's another year and everything is normal again until her step brother comes in the picture.
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Thank you for 45 followers!
Thanks for all you guys that followed me! I thank you all and thank you very much! :)
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Dark Secrets 2
Ashley and Emma are now back to school. But Jordan and David will not leave them alone. Emma is asked to prom by a cute guy named Cain and Jordan confesses to Ashley. Everything is perfect until Ashley is missing.
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Rue and Prim, Short story 1
I decided to create a series if short stories about Rue and Prim experiencing a normal teenage life with drama and maybe love etc.... So here is the first short story!
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It's about Rue winning the hunger games instead of Katniss and Peeta. She goes to district 12 to visit Katniss's family. She meets Prim and becomes Friends with her. (I'm thinking of doing a series... Idk!) PS: no bad commen...
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Dark Secrets
Ashley is a popular girl and has everything. Emma is a nerd and no one likes her. Emma thinks Ashley is the perfect girl until they both get sent to camp "to bond" and Emma discovers that Ashley isnt that perfect after all!
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The seven gods
The world is half destroyed. The only ones who can help humans are the 7 gods but each year the 7 gods get hungry so a man or a woman must sacrifice themselves. This year its Curtis turn but his friends don't want him to die s...
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