Rue and Prim, Short story 1

Rue and Prim, Short story 1

I decided to create a series if short stories about Rue and Prim experiencing a normal teenage life with drama and maybe love etc.... So here is the first short story!

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Chapter 1.


Prim and I were now living together, we were so happy! We were now best friends. We went in the forest even though it was illegal. I showed her how to climb and jump from tree to tree without getting noticed. She was really good but needed more practice. I also showed her which fruit not to eat. She learned fast. If she practices more, she could be as good as me!
I looked at her running towards me. "Look what I found!" she exclaimed. She showed me berries. "Wow! Where did you find that?" I asked. She ran and I followed her to a field full of berries. I smiled. "Let's go home and get some bowls or cups and fill them with berries!" "Wait a second." I said. I took a frog and gave it a berry. It wasn't long till it started dying. Prim gasped. "As I thought, poisonous berries!" "But..." "Prim, before you eat them you have to test them on an animal like a frog. Frogs are easy to find but not easy to catch. I know, today's lesson, sneaking up on a frog and capture it!" I exclaimed. The whole day we were out training. She was good at sneaking up but catching them, that's another story. I sighed. "Look, this is how you do it!" I showed her. She tried again but failed. "Try to grab it with both hands." I said.
She tried again and succeeded. "I caught it!" she happily shouted. I high-fived her  and we went back as it was getting dark. We arrived home and she ran to her mom. "Mom, guess what? I caught a frog!" She smiled at her daughter. "That's great sweetie but wash your hands now." Prim and I ran to the bathroom. We then ate dinner and went to bed. "Hey Prim, is there a boy you like at school?" I asked. She blushed. "No! Why would you think that?" "Because you keep on staring at Kyle." She was now red all over. "Maybe..." "I knew it so you do like him!" "No! I said maybe!" "Yeah but maybe is always a yes!" I started laughing. "It's not funny! So you found out! But it's useless anyways, he doesn't talk to me and I'm not sure if he even knows me!" I smiled. "Well, talk to him!" "Easy said than done!" she exclaimed. "Tell you what, I'll talk to him, ok?" "No! Don't! The whole school might find out!" "MIGHT!" She looked down. "I guess you could talk with him and maybe..." She blushed and I laughed. "Ok tomorrow, I'll go talk to him!" She smiled. We then went to sleep. The next day at school, I went to talk to Kyle, alone! "So what do you want to talk about?" he asked. "Um... Listen, there's this girl that likes you but she's kinda shy so.... Um, no, what I meant to ask was, do you like someone and if yes, pls tell me!" I tried making eye contact with him but he kept on looking away. "Well, there's this one girl." I gasped. "Who? Is it Prim?" "What? Why Prim? No way!" He stepped up to me and then looked into my eyes. He started blushing. "I like, I like, you!" He then went forward and kissed me.
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