Last First Kiss

Last First Kiss

Tori was just like any other normal girl. She loves dancing, singing, painting and cooking but what she loves most is One Direction. One day, fate decides to change things for her and give her cancer. All her friends abandon her including her parents who never truly loved her. She thought she would die without having accomplished something, without falling in love but boy was she wrong. Everything changes when famous boy band one direction visits the hospital. Especially when one of the boys starts growing feelings towards her. Will fate give her one last chance to love or will she break apart before that happens? *Inspired by The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and Last First Kiss by One Direction

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The Beginning Of It All.

The Beginning Of It All.

Tori P.O.V

"You have cancer."

Those were the words that ruined my entire life.

I don't understand how it happened or why I got it. I guess I never really paid attention in biology.

I stares out the window, dreaming about a normal life without cancer.

A normal life where I didn't have to worry about death, a life where I can be happy, a life where I could love and have no care in the world.

I stood up and opened my diary. I read my bucket list.

Things to do before I die:
- Fall in love
- Go to a concert
- Fly to Madagascar
- Have friends.

A tear fell on the page.

I knew that these 'dreams of mine' would never come true. Who would fall in love with me? Who would want to be friends with me? An ugly, sick girl with no family. Yes, I admit it, my parents and my whole family and 'friends' abandoned me after hearing the news.

My parents were millionaires. Rich, kind, friendly and had big hearts. Everybody loved them.
I guess, they  didn't take it too well when their daughter got sick and broke their perfect image.

We were known as the 'perfect' family but I ruined it. They loved me but not anymore.
Who am I kidding? They don't love me, they never did.

And as for my friends, they only hanged out with me for the money and the popularity but I knew that already, I just wanted friends and I thought that if they hanged out with me, they would start to like me and be my true friend. Well, that never happened.

"Tori?" A female voice echoed the room. I didn't bother to turn around. I knew who it was.

"Tori, please roll up your sleeve. I need to give you your injections." My doctor, Annabeth, softly said.

Annabeth was a kind and beautiful woman. She had brown hair and brownish greenish eyes.

Whenever I felt down, she'd always be there for me. One little sob and she comes rushing in with a cup of milk and cookies. I love her. She's like a mother to me. The mother I've always wanted but never had.

"Tori." She said once again and I sighed.

I didn't want to get injected. It hurt and I was already weak enough.

"Fine." I rolled up my sleeve and a few cut marks could be seen. Annabeth shot me a worried glance. "Have you been cutting?" Her voice was softer than usual and I tried so hard not to cry because of all the attention she was giving me.

Sure, I got attention at school but not in the way I wanted. I wanted attention as in being cared or getting worried for. Annabeth was the only who truly cared for me.

"Tori?" I gulped and nodded quickly. She let out a sigh and hugged me.

"Tori, I know this is very hard for you. I know how you feel. Tori, I've been through the same things as you have. I also had cancer but I fought Tori, I fought and that is why I am where I am standing now. Alive and happy. After battling cancer, I decided that I wanted to help people like you, fight. Tori, cutting won't help you. It only makes matters worse. Please Tori, stop this. It won't get you anywhere except death."

As the word death came out of her mouth, my whole body froze. I didn't want to die.

"O-ok." I smiled weakly and it faded away when pain shot through my whole arm.

"Tori, it's fine, I'm here with you." I bit my lip in pain and shook my head.

"You get some rest now, ok?" "Ok." I replied, shaking of fear. "I don't wanna die Annabeth." I said and hugged myself. She kissed my head. "I know, I know. Get some rest, I'll bring the food."  "Yes, thanks. I'm hungry."

I sat on my bed, staring into space, thinking of how messed up my life is. One day everything's fine and the next, I have cancer and I'm struggling to live.

I heard footsteps and a loud knock. "Come in!" Annabeth entered the room with delicious macaroni and cheese. "Thank You Anna!" Anna was my nickname for her. She didn't really like it but I always teased her. "Anna, do you think I will ever find true love?" "Tori, dear, you're a beautiful, strong and independent woman. I'm sure one day, you'll find a Prince Charming." She sweetly whispered.

I fake smiled. I knew what she said wasn't true.

She was just lying to make me feel better and somehow it worked a bit.

"Tori, I have some news for you." I nodded and listened closely.

"A famous boy band will be coming here tomorrow. They'll be staying here for one month. You have been chosen to room with one of the boys, which means, you're in the luck five."

"Lucky five?" "Yes. Only five girls are lucky enough to room with one of the boys." "I see."

I was smiling but my heart was frowning.

I never really liked boy bands that much, no, I didn't really like boys that much.

I dated lots of guys before but dumped them all, knowing they weren't the one.

I then dated a handsome new kid, George. He was a bit of a nerd but I didn't mind. I thought it was true love till he dumped me after hearing I had cancer.

Could you blame the boy?

After the whole break up, I decided never to date again, seeing as it only broke my heart.

"Tori? I need to go now. I'll see you later, ok? I love you, stay strong and stop cutting, it won't help." She kissed my forehead and I pulled a face in disgust.

"You know I hate that." "See you later Tori." She said, obviously ignoring my comment.

"See you later."
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i love this story!! its sooooo sweet!!! cant wait 4 more either!!
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Love it already Jaz!!! Can't wait for more xxx
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