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How did this happen? (1)
This is a story of a demon and a mobian who is just a little different. This is the story of how Negro and Lili met and fell in love. Though this relationship may seem like hard work, These two are determined to make it work. B...
33 reads 15 readers 8 by ThatAnimeGirl
Markiplier and Jacksepticeye One-shot
I know this is going to be bad because I never made One-shots before . So cut me some slack and just enjoy please
127 reads 29 readers 11 by Pj_The_Doll
Twins or Terror
When Shadow and Surge are sick and close to death Sapphire and Maria, the two best friends and sisters, adventure forth to find a cure to their husbands health. Challenges, hurdles and troubles face the twins but do they stay s...
11 reads 9 readers 16 by XxMaria_chanxX
StreetRat [SansxReader]
This is a (SansxReader) with the Classic Sans if you didn't notice, and I hope you enjoy ^-^ (Most) characters & art aren't mine, You are your own, And I hope you enjoy reading this story :3
170 reads 22 readers 9 by ELINAviolets
Kiss You
A random phanfic I just found off If you think it's a little creepy, you should read the others. *COUGHTHEHATFICCOUGH* Anyway, It's Dan and Phil, so
30 reads 17 readers 27 by Phanecdotes
We Fly And Fight together
(To sum this up, stars wars rip off XD) So one mechanic has to take control of his first ever ship. He must overcome his fears and past to fight for home. Mechs, space ships and lasers, he knows how to make them, but can he use...
4 reads 3 readers 3 by SpinnerFTW
The Secrets of Life
How do I live a successful and happy life? Have you ever found yourself asking this question? The secrets or inside all you have to do is click...
19 reads 13 readers 0 by anonymous-user-UWJ8U7
The story of fights
So, as Oc fights was...Surprisingly popular, I had this. As i am, well was a fan of death battle, until they stopped doing the right research. So I, yours truly Spinner, will be making fights of what you want, oc's or real char...
65 reads 24 readers 15 by SpinnerFTW
Don't Want To Go Back (Reader X Various)
You- a human- fall into a mysterious portal that sends you into the sonic universe. You miss your family but the question is, "Do you REALLY want to go back?" The pictures do not belong to me. All the credit for the pictures g...
192 reads 37 readers 45 by Dat_One_Crazed_Fangirl
Melted (Frozen parody, using auditioned OCs)
A brave hedgehog named Yamilette risk her life to save her sister Camille, the fire queen along with Sonic and his loyal companion, Wolfie to save the tragedy of summer to stay forever. Will summer stay? Will Yamilette lose her...
139 reads 34 readers 22 profile storyby Obese_Doggo_boi
most creepiest dolls
Hey! Learn about the most creepiest dolls! Hope you enjoy! =^-^= =^-^= will post pics later.
273 reads 27 readers 4 by gothicskittlescupcake
Corpse Party - Tortured Souls [Read Description]
[Be warned: What you are about to read may appear as just an ordinary Sonic story at first, but it contains a LOT of horror, blood, and gore, just like the original Corpse Party anime. Read at your own risk! With this in mind, ...
136 reads 36 readers 42 by Weiss_Schnee
A Sonic Mystery.
This is based off a script I made for a Sonic sprite video so it might not be that great. ^-^U
26 reads 15 readers 6 profile storyby Noescaping
Lost in our fears
Sometimes you don't want to wake up from a dream... But some other times, you just want to wake up from a nightmare alive...
142 reads 28 readers 36 by Milea