How did this happen? (1)

How did this happen? (1)

This is a story of a demon and a mobian who is just a little different. This is the story of how Negro and Lili met and fell in love. Though this relationship may seem like hard work, These two are determined to make it work. But will it? (A/N: This story will have had help from @sapphirethehedgehog and Negro belongs to @sapphirethehedgehog)

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Chapter 1.

Chapter one

Hi! I'm Lili! I'm a hedgehog around the age of 18 but I'm a little different from the rest... You see, I have a split personality disorder. It's rare among mobians and I'm one of the unfortunate few who have it. It's a condition where my Dark side, as i like to call it, can just suddenly take over. My Dark side is quite evil.. She plans on killing things and has done so once or twice... But enough about me, im sure you are all wanting to hear about how i got into my relationship with a demon.. I must admit, it was this form that met him and became friends with him. But then my Dark side took over and thats when we got together. Now... Before i go, there is one thing you must know! Any speach in •~• is when im in my dark form! Ive done it like this so you dont get confused! Now, here we go. This is the story of how me and Negro met... Enjoy! ^.^

I was walking to school around 5 years ago with my friends, Sweetheart and Amie. We were talking about what we had for lessons that day but i had to hold back, i could feel my dark side trying to take over. I wasn't having it, not today. It was a special day for me, the day that i get my certificate of excellent for my outstanding skills in English. I never get any awards so i wasnt prepared for my dark form to take over and spoil it.
"Lili..? Are you okay?" Sweethearts soft voice rang through my ears, waking me up from my daydream.
"Yeah im fine" i replyed with a fake smile. Sweetheart and Amie didnt know about my split personality but i could tell Amie was close to finding out.

The day went by quite quickly, it turned out that there was a typing error and that it wasnt actually me recieving the award. I wasnt that upset about it because i was used to it by then.
"Bye Lili! Bye Sweetheart! See you tomorrow!" I smiled and waved at Amie as she went her seperate way. Me and Sweetheart lived near eachother but Amie lived on the other side of town so she had to get the train.
"You must be gutted about the award Lili" I looked over to my rabbit friend and smiled.
"Its okay. Im used to it"
"I wonder what stops you from getting any awards..." I felt sorry for Sweetheart, she was the most innocent of us three. Never cracking any dirty jokes, never getting into any form of trouble and she was always the one wbo helped out a lot.
"I dont know girl, but to be honest, i dont care about any rewards..."
•I just think that its showing off• Wait.. I didnt mean to say that.. Was my dark form trying to take over? I pretended to get a text from my mum to say that i was needed home urgently and ran and ran and ran.

I was running for sometime but i stopped when i saw a misterious figure in the shadows.
"Hello? Who's there?" I was willing to let my Dark form take over in case anything bad happened. No reply. So i tried calling out again. Still no reply. Who was this guy? Why is he near my house?
"Um.. I'm Lili, are you okay?" I walked closer, knowing this was probably the wrong thing to do but i was willing to take the risk.
"Lili huh? Pretty name." The figure spoke. This was good. We had established communication but i still hadnt figured out who this person out.
"Thanks? Whats yours?" I stopped, what i thought was a safe distance away until he teleported, grabbed my arm and then teleported again but to another dimension.
"Just... Who are you...?" I was feeling faint. Inter-dimensional travel was not fun.
"Negro. Thats who i am" And with that. I passed out.
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Yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye XD
on November 29, 2016
on November 29, 2016
Hey guys! Chapter 2 should be up shortly, it just needs some editing~
on September 24, 2016
Looks good!!
on September 22, 2016