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Someone Please tell me how to Improve my Writing
I want to improve and I'm bored. Be as critical and honest as you like- not mean though. There's a difference between constructive criticism and just flat out being rude. I promise to credit you in helping me when I write my ne...
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My OCs (4)
Just the character profiles for my OCs in case anyone needs to know for a story (or so I won't forget :P) Also mentions OCs from @HikariGrace_TheEarthDragonSlayer
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The Story Of Sapphire
A re-write of the original story. This is Sapphire’s past, present and future...enjoy!
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Short song fic
I thought I'd do this for fun, I don't know if I'll do more, or add any others at all, but I think I'll occupy myself with it for a while, oh, and I will be updating my other stories and WWFFY too, I promise :D
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Summer Camp Story
I made this story before but due to mainly my pure laziness I didn't finihs it so this is a remake! I want to thank: @Chocolate_And_Cheese, @Lady_Artems, @Noko_The_Chocolatey_Neko, @Rebel_Assasin, @Yamilettethehedgehog101, @Kin...
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This Is It (1)
(The apocalypse! Woahh!) A story of how Mobius breaks out into a zombie apocalypse and how our heroes throw themselves into dangers and more to survive and find the cure. Who will survive? Only time will tell.
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Forget Me Not (Sapphire's end)
A small girl who grew up with the wrong crowd, had been broken by abuse and misery was soon healed by the love of another. Ups and downs have occured in her life but each time she has been able cope and recover due to love. In ...
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Who will you fall for?
__ has moved from her original home to a quiet little village called 'Snowfall'. Her main goal after moving in with her mother and puppy, Lucky, is to make new friends and to fit in. But will this clumsy girl find more then fri...
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Mobius Chatroom
The people of qfeast are having a great time with the Sonic gang as you can see! If you want to be next then just ask me in the comments :3 and in case this blows up like the last request thing I did JUST ONE EACH PLEASE
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Paused in Time
Your story, your choices. What will you choose? What is your destiny? Find out.
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Our Fantasy World (Lilacs Story)
(She's older in this one) Lilacs just moved into a new city, trying to escape the pressure of her home towns expectations. She didn't want to work with Sonic or her mum or the freedom fighters if she had to fight or hurt anyone...
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I Don't Understand (Surge X Sapphire)
Sapphire is a moral mobian who has experianced death once before, Surge is an immortal who works for death himself. How will Sapphire explain the concept of death to him? (plus more ;) )
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Undertale *reader insert*
Hello! This story is a reader insert meaning you are in the story! This is based on Undertale, my favourite game at the moment. I combined it with stories because I love the idea of combining two of some of my favourite things!...
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A young female hedgehog named Yamilette wakes up in a strange world. Her quest is to find all her friends, keep them safe and to get home alive. Luna, Sapphire, Wolfie, Carmen, Arcane, Camille and Alexis are all close friends o...
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The Magic (Interactive horror story)
I did not make this. For the ones who are Pewdiepie fan then you may recall this. Anyway, this was written by Darren York, I just wanted to share this with you guys as its awesome! So all credit goes to him and DO WHAT THE STOR...
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Happily Ever After (Sequel to The Story of Sapphire)
Hi! This a sequel to the story of Sapphire so you might have to read that before coming to this story. This is Sapphires future instead of her past. Enjoy! *hands popcorn* :3
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Qfeast Zombie apocalypse! (Who will survive?)
Welcome to the Qfeast Zombie apocalypse! I made a question if you want to be part of this. There are 8 contestents. Will you survive? (And yes, I did take this from the game show of the youtubers thingy, but I loved it so much!)
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Mobias college! *starring: You!*
Sorry, guys, but girls only! Hi everyone! I'm finishing my WWFFY now and I ask some of you if you would like me to do another. All of you said yes XD So i can't think of one for the moment so I thought this will do? Lol hope yo...
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Sonic OC couple stories
If you want to be in this with the guy you want then just comment asking. Make sure you put down the guys name and your OC's name. Also if you have a idea of what you want to happen in your story then just let me know :D
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SpongeBob Poking! (2)
Like the tag game, we have ten questions and you poke ten people. Now, let's look at the questions, shall we?
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