Who will you fall for?

Who will you fall for?

__ has moved from her original home to a quiet little village called 'Snowfall'. Her main goal after moving in with her mother and puppy, Lucky, is to make new friends and to fit in. But will this clumsy girl find more then friendship amongst the ice?

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Chapter 1.

A Secluded Winter Village

You sighed as you watched the scenery fly by in the car window. Snow clinged to the pine trees' thistles and the dim sunlight peaking behind the trees ignited the ice on the road ahead. The village you were moving to was breath-takingly pretty, but that wasn't what you were worrying about. At your old home you wasn't ever the most open person therefore you never had any close friends however this time round you was happy to start again and make some friends, but will they like you? Or just make fun of you?
"__" You hummed in response to your mother meeting her eyes in the rear view mirror. The woman's eyes were kind and caring but a hint of worry were clear in her orbs. "You know I'm doing this because I love you, don't you?" She asks. You smile and glance once again out the window.
"Yes, I know, mum" you say. She smiles.
"This move will be good for us" she says. Her eyes land on a Lucky, the families pup, you both had gotten her recently as at the pet shop the little spanial had taken a shine to you. You smile at the sleeping canine next to you and sigh. You plug in your ear phones and relaxe listening to your favourite playlist of songs. Your eyes drift shut as the little red car passes a wooden sign in the snow.
'Welcome To Snowfall'

Your awoken by your mother shake ping you slightly.
"__, wakes wakey, we've arrived." She coos before opening the car boot and gathering some of the smaller boxes and taking them inside your new home. You stretch your muscles and once satisfied un buckle your seatbelt and hop out the car. As soon as your feet touch the ground Lucky rushes up to you and springs around your ankles happy to see your awake. Giggling you scoop her in your arms and nuzzle her fur. The house was big, bigger then your old house anyway. The bricks were a deep red colour and the door was window frames were a forest green. A chocolate brown roof topped it off with snow huddled on top. Your mother walks past and admires the house her hand son her hips.
"Cute, isn't it?"
"Sort of, more cosy" you say tilting your head at the house.
"We can do it up when we are settled in" she says. With a wink  and a flip of her hair she goes back to collected boxes. Lucky barks and jumps out of your arms running into the house. You follow chuckling.

It was nice, you couldn't complain, it was a simple plain house yet cosy. The movers did a great jump with the furniture anyway. With a sudden burst of energy you run up the stairs and enter your room. The walls were a bright (f/c) colour and the floor was a snowy white. Your bed and wardrobe and other essentials were scattered about the room also. Seeing a cardboard box in the corner you approach it and grin seeing your posters and decorations inside.

After about an hour of redecorating, moving furniture and cleaning were you finally satisfied. Flopping yourself down on your bed you stare up at the ceiling. Still feeling excited about everything you decide to start exploring the town. Grabbing your winter coat, gloves and hat you race down the stairs and call your mother.
"Hey mum! I'm going out to explore!" You hear her distant answer.
"Have fun and be careful! Oh, and do be home before 6:30, I've had a chat with our new neighbours and they've invited us to dinner!" How nice, you think before exiting the house.

The air was chilly as you walked down the ice covered path. It was really hard to walk on but you knew you'd have to learn quickly as you'd always be falling over. Almost as if on que your foot slips from under you and you squeak as you fall forward. Unfortunately someone was walking in front of you at the time and you had pulled them down with you. You lay on the path and groan.
"Idiot" you curse at yourself sitting up.
"Damn right" A boy around your age was sat if front of you scowling his glare focused on you. He had raven black hair that covered one of his light brown eyes and wore a dark purple jumper. You could see a creased white shirt from under his jumper where he wasn't bothered to tuck it into his blue jeans. You blush once your realised you were staring. Not noticing the boy raises his hand and flips you off. You raise your eyebrows.
"Okay, I deserve that" You mutter standing and dusting yourself off. You offer your hand to the boy but ignores your kind gesture and stands himself. "I sorry..." You whisper. He rolls his eyes.
"It does matter, who are you?" He asks his eyes piecing your own.
"__, you?" You ask, you should at least know his name after knocking him down.
"Max" His voice is monotone, strange.
"Cool name" You compliment. He nods. Not wanting to push this convosation any further you check your phone. Already 6:25?! Max looks amused at your sudden change of character.
"Who just died?"
"What? No one, I just have to go, you can get me back later or something. I don't know. I just- bye!" With that you take off down the street flicking your hand in Max's direction in an attempt of a wave goodbye.

You arrive home your chest heaving as you ran all the way back. Lucky once again runs to you and jumps around your ankles but your too busy trying to catch your breath to pet her.
"Lets head over now, she shouldn't be too late" Your mother says adjusting her hair in the hallway mirror. Taking Lucky into your arms you head over to the house opposite your own. Your mother knocked on the door and a man and woman open it.
"Oh! Bubby-kins, the neighbours are here! Come on, you can introduce your friends too!" You almost cringe at her high pitched posh voice. She greets your mum witha smile and wave. "Nice to see you again! And hello, you must be __! And this must be little Lucky here!" She pets the pups hea din your arms and in whines.
"Oh dear" The man mutters. "Well, why don''t you come inside?" Your mother and you thank them. Three boys stand in the main room looking at you blankly.
"This is my son and his friends, and of course, Teddy" A German shepard walks into the room. Lucky yelps and jumps once again out of your arms to sit in front of Teddy. The two dogs start play fighting and roll around on the floor. You giggle at their anticts. The man goes into the next room to watch the dogs and take out his paper while your mum and the woman go into the kitchen to start cooking tea leaving you with the three boys. The first was a boy with dark brown hair at his parting but as it ges to one side it turns a dark blonde. He wore a scruffy grey shirt and an open black blazer. His dark green jeans were the same colour as it eyes. He looked so laid back yet formal. The second boy wore a black track suit top and pale green baggy trouses. He just looked laid back but shy as his chesnut hair covers his eyes lightly but he looks away focusing his brown eyes on the floor. Lastly was a boy with short wavy strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. He wore a white T-shirt and red and black sports jacket. Strangly enough he wore purple trouses which didn't match his outfit at all but the glint in his eye and smirk gave off a kind of rebel vibe. You didn't know how to feel about any of the boys but you couldn't just stand there and stare at them.
"A girl?" The second one says raising an eyebrow. You cross your arms copying his look.
"And whats wrong with a girl?" He seems caught off gaurd with your reply and backed up a bit with wide eyes. The other two laugh.
"Dude, you just met her and your already scared!" The first says wiping away a tear.
"S-shut up!"
"Oh, i'm Jackson, but everyone calls me Jack" He says neatening his blazer.
"I'm Lucus" The rude one says. He stuffs his hands in his pockets of histrack suit top. "And thats Peter" He says gesturing towards the one in purple jeans. You cath the wink he gives you.
"I'm __, great to meet you guys!"

"Dinner!~" Jack's mum called out in her posh sing song voice as she came emerging from the kitchen her arms pull of plates full of mouth watering food. The four of you sit at the table and Luck and Teddy bounce into the room and start eating out of their dog bowls, what...were they eating?
"Ew..." You mutter.
"I wouldn't watch if I were you or you won't be able to eat the same again" You giggle softly.
"So when are you starting school __?" Lucas asks.
"Monday, so I just have this weekend to go!"
"Hey! Peter! Don't deep throat the pasta!" Jack chuckles before getting a kick from under the table. You weren't sure if it was form his mum or Peter but you still laugh. You think you're going to like it here.
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