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Own Character Auditions for New Story!
First of all, thank you for clicking! Second, hello and welcome! This is a chance to get one of your OCs featured in a interactive story I've been wanting to write. It's a short 'horror' (give or take) story where the reader, y...
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YouTube QnA (with friends)
So, me and my friend she have created a a YouTube channel! And we need questions. Any kind of questions are fine, as long as it's directed to one person :P Request by: @The_Half_Glaceon_Girl (aka Maria :P) YouTube channel: Li...
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YouTube Q and A questions needed
So I'm starting a YouTube channel and thought it would be fun to link it with my Qfeast account! :D first video can be fun with a Q and A. You don't even have to ask a question, just put any random thing. Also, what do you want...
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Summer Camp Story! You in?
PLEASE READ ALL BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE SONIC OCS ONLY Back in the days of early Qfeast I had made a Sonic Horror Summer Camp Story for fun and lots of people seemed to enjoy it! Sadly due to drama starting, people includ...
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Who would you want to be with in a X reader?
Tis is the title, answer below, but if someone has already put that person just thumb up/ like/ whatever it's called their post ^.^ okie, byez
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Say you were going to watch a YouTube video, what would you want it to be about?
I may or may not be interested in making YouTube videos and I want some ideas, I want it to be kind of a vloggy messing around kind of thing where I can just talk, any ideas?
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Want to be in the Qfeast WWFFY?
If you want o be in my Qfeast WWFFY for one of the answers you have to do a few things. Please remember this is YOU who will be in the quiz plus an OC. The OC will have your personality plus it can be from any fandom. 1. Please...
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Qfeast WWFFY?
Okay, so hears the deal! I missed my old WWFFY, a lot. But I know I can't create a new one because it'll leave my old one in the dark and I can't make a sequel to a sequel so I thought why not do something else? So, why not do ...
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Who wants to be in my new interactive story? (Until dawn themed)
SONIC OC's please! This story will be based in the game "Until Dawn" You get to choose the choices of who gets killed and who lives because I'm making this story interactive. Though I may have to change a couple of things, so I...
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Who wants to be in this story? (Read description)
YOU MUST HAVE A SONIC OC! Okay, so this story is about a girl (one of you guys) wakes up in the game "Amnesia" and her friends are there with her (mor elf you guys! X3) basically if you don't know then game is a survival horror...
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I wanna write another song! Give me something to write about?
I'm bored and haven't wrote a song in a whole, I'm thinking a of writing another song. Camps you guys give me some suggestions on what to write about?
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I need ideas for new WWFFY!
I have said i might be doing another and you guys have said such awesome thing things about my last one so i was like "You know what? Screw it! I'm doing another! :D" XD Anyway i have the basic plot but i need some ideas. What ...
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New story idea, anyone can be in it >:3 (zombie apocalypse, who survives?)
Okay, you have to read all of this. There are going to be 8 contestants on this. There are 2 teams. Team blue and team red. All you have to do is sign up and be in it is tell me your best skill in these situations. Also I need ...
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Sonic OC's needed for creepy camp story :3
Als if you want more info on this story you will have to check it out. It has what the charactures are like and so on. It also tells you about the story a bit more. Sorry there are no guys on here. I can't remeber them ^.^U Als...
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Who will be the answers in my new Sonic wwffy?
I ask you guys if I should do another Sonic wwffy not long ago and you all said yes XP So I want to be prepeard and I want to let you decide! Who will be the starring boys in my next wwffy? I will have a maximum of 6 and yes Do...
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