Happily Ever After (Sequel to The Story of Sapphire)

Happily Ever After (Sequel to The Story of Sapphire)

Hi! This a sequel to the story of Sapphire so you might have to read that before coming to this story. This is Sapphires future instead of her past. Enjoy! *hands popcorn* :3

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Chapter 1.

Just one way

Sapphire quickly hurried down the street of mobinas taking in shrap breaths and wiping beads of sweet of her forhead. She had just been shopping for groceries at the local supermarket. As she saw her home in the distence she somehow juggled all brown paper bags into one arm and used the other hand to dig into what seemed like the endless abyess of her pocket to get the key. More focused on the whereabouts of her house key and not on where she was going, the blue hedgehog runs straight into the door causing a loud band to erupt.
"Ow..." He mumbles peeling herself off the door and cupping her nose from the impact. That was when her friend Rose the Hedgehog opened the door a crack to take a peek at whatever had made the loud noise. Once realising it was Sapphire she opened the door fully with a smile on her face.
"Sapphire!" She cheered before seeing the blue hedgehog was holding her nose. "...did you run into the door again?"
"What? Pfh! No...yes" Rose stares blankly at Sapphire and shakes her head. "What?! It attacked me!" Rose giggles.
"Hey come on in!" She says moving out of the door way so Sapphire can walk in. As she does she pops the keys back into her pocket before nodding a greetings towards Tails and Amy who were chatting. They politely wave as Sapphire disappears into the kitchen to unpack the troublesome bags. Hearing footsteps approaching the blue hedgehog turns her attention towards the noise to see Kameo. She smiles and waves which Saphire happily returns.
"Need any help?" Kameo asks already unpacking a bag.
"Do I have a choice?"
"Nope" they share a laugh and start unpacking the bags and sorting out the different items.

"Egghead is back!" Jackie yells from the living room. Kameo and Sapphire share a look before running into the main room joining Sonic, Amy, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Jackie and Rose. Seeing they were staring out of the window intensely the two joined them. Marching past the house was an army of killer robots with a familer logo on the front. They were following a large ship with the same red logo that was slowly moving towards Station Square.
"Crap" Knuckles stated bluntly.
"He never changes does he? This is getting kind of boring" Amy sighs leaning her head on her knuckles and letting her droop slightly.
"It doesn't matter, it's better be in this way then a way we can't battle, let's go" Sonic said jumping down from the window ledge. He strolls towards the door and opens it before running out. Everyone looks at each other before shrugging and running after him.

"He never changes does he? This is getting kind of boring" Amy's voice muffles over the speaker.
"It doesn't matter, it's better be in this way then a way we can't battle, let's go" Sonic's voice followed. Eggman turned off his speakers and cackled.
"Me? Boring?" He mumbles picking up a grey controler. "I wouldn't call my new plan boring at all!" He turns on his heel to face a garage like door and presses the green button on his remote. The door started to slowly open upwards with a loud cranking noise that was soon over powered by Dr Eggmans laughter. Once it was fully opened a metal robot who looked a lot like Sonic opened its eyes and walked out of its 'home'.
"Metal Sonic" Eggman said resting his hands on his oversized stomache. "Did you retreve the emerald?" Metal nods and holds up a green choas emerald. "Excellent" He takes the emerald and slots it into place on a strange round poral device. "Finally! I have the key to controlling time and space!"

In the shadows stood a lonesome hedgehog glaring at Eggman from behind a stone wall, his name was Surge.
"Oh no you don't docter" He mumbles he presses a couple buttons on his braclet and Domanic's face shows up on the screen he smirks. "He must work for the doctor..." He presses the button and a light blue glowing light surrounds him and seconds later he has transformed into Domanic the Hedgehog, expect from his eye colour. The chocolate brown of Domanics eyes have been replaced by Surge's dark golden ones. An alarm goes off around the base making Surge look up in surprise.
"Damn it! I forgot those pests were coming!" Eggman grumbles before sending out his robots. One by one they roll out at the ready to eliminate any sign of life. "Now, where is that lazy hedgehog Domanic when you need him?!" Surge smirks to himself as he walks out from behind the wall still looking like Domanic.
"Here boss!" He says also in Domanics voice. Eggman raises an eyebrow at 'Domanics' formal greeting. Waving it away with the back of his he gave the intruder his orders.
"I need to you stall the pests, my robots will keep the occupied until then, I need to put the emerald into the portal machine to activate it, got it?" Surge nods with his eyes closed as if processing Eggmans task. He opens his eyes and reaches his hand out to the evil scientist.
"Or" he says "you can pass me the emerald and I can do your job for you! It will only be quicker as save us both time" Surge wears a confident smile on his face as he notices Eggman in thought.
"Alright" Eggman finally responds holding out the hand with the emerald in. Surge reaches out to take the emerald when a large crash sounds and the real Domanic runs round the corner.
"Thanks not me Eggman!" Surge closes his eyes in fustration before letting it lead into a laugh.
"Wait, Eggman? Your name is Eggman?" Eggman snatches his hand away and glares down at him.
"Who are you?"
"Hey! I'm not done here? Eggman?! Are you yolking?!
"Hey! Are you egg-noring me? Don't you like my egg-cellent jokes" Eggman sighs in annoyance and facepalms.
"Don't I get this enough from Sonic?"
"Thats kind of mean! But omelettin' it slide" Surge says slowly moving towards the portal machine. Unfortunatly Domanic notices and growls.
"Get away from there!" The purple hedgehog runs towards him and knocks Surge down with a single round house kick. Surge counter attacks with a punch in the gut and before you know it they were full on fighting. Whilst doing this Eggman jogs over to him machine and places the emerald into its case before hovering his hand over the button to activate the machine. Surge sees this in the corner of his eye. His smirks suddenly disappears and he yells out to Eggman.
"Your a little late" Eggman cackles before pressing the button, he runs out of the room and into his pod for safty. A flash of black and white surrounds the room eveloping Domanic and Surge with in.

The Sonic gang run though Eggmans corridors getting towards his main control room where he useually is.
"The robots are noramlly here by now" Jackie points out looking aruond in confusion.
"Your right..." Sonic says nodding towards her. Sapphire laughs.
"Maybe he forgot!" Suddenly the alarms go off and seconds later the robots charge towards them.
"Or not" Kameo says knocking one down. While fighting the robots, the gang become confused as noises of fighting and crashes come from Eggmans lab.
"Gee" Rose mutters. "Did someone beat us to it?"
"I dont know" Tails answers. Suddenly a light flashes though the room and everyone screams before darkness.
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Sweetneeeeeeeeeess! God, we're such BADASSES in this!
on January 16, 2016
on January 16, 2016
Its out! and thanks again for the pic Kameo X3 Tis so cute
on January 15, 2016