Short song fic

Short song fic

I thought I'd do this for fun, I don't know if I'll do more, or add any others at all, but I think I'll occupy myself with it for a while, oh, and I will be updating my other stories and WWFFY too, I promise :D

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Chapter 1.


Negro watched Sapphire from afar, sneering in disgust. He scoffed when Surge joined her in the living room to give her a cup of tea and a peck on the cheek.
"I'll just be heading out for a walk, observe the scenery, ya know." Surge shrugged as his dark magic surrounded him. "Toodles." He said snapping his fingers. Then he was gone. Sapphire waved politely then snuggled herself into the comfort of the sofa waiting for him to get back. Negro growled. Disgusting. They were disgusting. Everything about this was disgusting. While Surge had left maybe he could cause a disterbence in their sickingly sweet lives. He could try to kill her, but seeing how theat went last time he shivered. No, something else. Something better. Slowly, a large smirk crept onto Negro's face. Yes, of course. He could kill two birds with one stone. Literally. By possessing Sapphire he could make her do his dirty work. No more Surge and no more Sapphire. Negro snapped into action and was surrounded in his black magic. Sapphire stood up to put her tea onto the table gently. Negro strikes and transforms into what looks like a ball of black before flinging himself towards Sapphire. The force of the impact though the unsuspecting hedgehog forward dropping the tea cup in the process, giving Negro enough time to bury himself into her mind. The blue hedgehog snapped back to her senses and flung herself forward just in time to catch her cup. Sighing in relief and rolling her eyes at her own clumsiness, Sapphire sat down on the sofa again deciding she better just keep the tea in her hands. Surge would be back soon anyway. So she waited. And waited.

~The clock stopped ticking forever ago
How long have I been up? I don't know~

Sapphire glanced at the clock on the wall to see it was the same time it was when she's had checked it moments ago, though, it didn't seem like moments ago. More like minutes. Hours in fact. She had finished her tea a while ago. Strange.

~I can't get a grip but I can't let go~

A sudden throbbing coursed through Sapphire's skull and she choked a cry. Her hands flew up to cradle her head in attempt to make he pain subside but it just got stronger. She had elbowed her cup of tea from where it was placed on the arm on the sofa making it fall. The smash was loud and see,ed to cause Sapphire only more pain. A booming evil laughed bounced around her ear drums and she reconised it immediately. Negro.

~There wasn't anything to hold onto though~

The pain was too much, she couldn't bare it. Sapphire closed her eyes and collapsed onto the cold tiled floor the throbbing slowly fading. When Sapphire opened her eyes again, she was in the sameeee room, but it was different. Everything looked black and white and almost digital, as if none of it was real. It was all in her head. Realising this Sapphire started to panic and hyperventilate.

~Why can't I see, why can't I see
All the colours that you see
Please can I be, please can I be
Colourful and free~

Negro apppeared in front of Sapphire a triumphant smirk playing on his lips.
"This should be fun." He mocked before another wave of pain crashed over the blue hedgehog. Refusing to be over come by this she stumbled into her bedroom cold from the damp sweat on her arms. Her eyes caught her reflection in the mirror and she was flashing black to white like static.

~What the hells going on can someone tell me please
Why I'm switching faster then the colours on TV
I'm black then I'm white, no, something isn't right
My enemies invisible I don't know how to fight~

Sapphire gasped and stumbled backwards, clambering onto her bed spread for dear life.

~The trembling fear is more then I can take
When I'm up against the echo in the mirror

A scream escaped Sapphire's lips earning a laugh from Negro. It was a white ball of light that bounced around the walls echoing the noise of her scream. It suddenly charged towards Sapphire faster then the speed of light. Knowing fully well she could only just barely run at the speed of sound, Sapphire shielded herself from her own scream as it came hurtling towards her growing louder and louder. It disintegrated, inches from her shuddering form and she fell to her knees on her own bedroom floor.


Negro's laughter echoed around the room and he once against appeared in front of Sapphire. She looked up at him trembling but he had no pity for her.
"Ready?" He teased before once again turning into the black ball of light and hurtling into her. For a few moments everything was fine, no pain, no nothing. Sapphire looked around curiously as if expecting something. Then it hit her all at once. The pain returned more intense then ever making her cower on the floor. Unaware to her, the black aura that once surrounded Negro's magic was now surrounding her. Now know perfectly well that Negro was trying to possess her, she fought back. She swore stars in her vision but still would not let him take full control. The pain once again subsided giving her a moment to breath until once again it returned with twice the fury. This repeated a couple times until Sapphire was almost driven insanely by the pain and started to beg. Again Negro ignored he pleas and was concentrating on taking over Sapphire. Strangely enough he couldn't do it quickly in the first place and began to struggle. It was rare for this to happen. The victim must have extremely strong will power to over come a possession. Maybe Negro should have thought this through.

~I I I don't I don't daresaydaresay
Can't I be free?
I I I don't I don't daresaydaresay
Can't I be free?~

So the mental battle of Will continues between the two until Sapphires couldn't fight him off any further. Her vision blurred, her breathing hitched an drew her mind went blank. She sat up frown her crouching position on the floor and stretched out giggling menacingly. She wobbled as she stood and held herself up her her bed frame before walking perfectly normally across her house. She traced her fingers across the walls wearing a smile that could rival the joker's. She muttered incoherently as she walked.

~I want to burn my house down into an ugly black
I want to run away now and never look back~

Sapphire strolled back into the living room again grinning a little too much at the mess the tea cup had made on the floor.


She peered onto one of the tea cuos and admired her reflection. Light blue quills, black and white plain dress. Jet. Black. eyes.


Snapping out of her trance Sapphire stumbled froward into the glass shards but she didn't care. Her headache returned again and she once once again surrounded by the black most as she fought off Negro once again.

~what the hells going on came someone tell me please?
Why I'm switching faster then the channels on TV
I'm black then I'm white, no, something isn't right
My enemies invisible, I don't know how to fight
what the hells going on came someone tell me please?
Why I'm switching faster then the channels on TV
I'm black then I'm white, no, something isn't right
My enemies invisible, I don't know how to fight ~

Sapphire growled in frustration but soon enough the pain started to subside and she heard Negro screaming around her.
"NO!" He yelled into the darkness. "NOOOOO!"

~The trembling fear is mor then I can take
When I'm up against the echo in the mirror

Negro vanished and the room faded back to its usual vibrent and colourful self. Sapphire collapsed onto the floor unsure whether to laugh or cry. She just watched as a lady bug crawled cross her ceiling. The tick of the clock was extremely satisfying.

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Panic! At The Disco ♡ And nice short stories. They seem interesting~ (I noticed a spelling error on chapter 1 though. You wrote 'mor' instead of 'more'.)
on February 14, 2017
Thank you, it's just a little something so I don't want to throw myself off the roof with wwffy after wwffy XD it's a nice change
on February 13, 2017
on February 13, 2017