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Only Constant
((Rewrite of Cana's Tale)) It was a special kind of friendship; The kind that can withstand nearly anything. All of their hardships, the troubles they'd faced; Not even time itself is enough to conquer their relationship. But w...
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Zelda Lyrics
This is a collection of fan made lyrics to some songs in the Zelda series.
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Elegy of a Twilit World
A tale of love and tragedy comes to life in this story of a queen and her king. A promise broken, a memory lost; From the dawn of a new beginning to the sunset that ends it all.
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Idiot (Bloo x R'ena)
As we all know, Bloo is an idiot when it comes to, well... everything. <Tmi(?) (Periods.)>
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In a Field of Paper Flowers
Nothing she ever had was completely real; Just a mere illusion of something extravagant. But she didn't know this until some changes were made. She was confused and lost; Unsure of what, who she was. All she wishes is to turn b...
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Butterfly Kisses [Zelink Friendship]
Some great things don't always go as planned; Sometimes, things happen. But Zelda refuses to let life spoil her day with Link. (Zelda, Link, Friendship. Prior to game)
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A Cat called Ugly
Ugly was a stray cat who lived outside an apartment complex. He liked three things: fighting, eating trash, and love. ((Warning: Animal neglect))
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The Boy Without a Fairy
He was ten years old. In these ten years of living in the Kokiri Forest, Link had always been taunted for being different;An outcast. A no-fairy boy. However, one day his wish comes true;A fairy companion of his very own. This ...
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Mirror, Mirror
Um, hey. I wrote a Twilight Princess fanfiction. It's a sequel to the actual game. Enjoy.
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Just For Tonight
Here we go... A nice story. This is not like any of the romantic Linelink stories you've read... Linebeck is a father figure! ^-^
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A letter to the people of Qfeast
Qfeast is a strange place. This is my advice to all of you Qfeasters... Enjoy...
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Bree x Kokiri!Reader (LEMON)
Hello there, I actually wrote this. Why I did? I have no idea. Enjoy, my perverted little readers~
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I promise [Cana's Tale]
Ok, here it is! I decided to write a story about Sonata and Cana. I really wanted to do a different ending for the story, but I loved the old
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B.R.E.E.: An Owner's Manual
xD don't judge, I was bored. This is for the LoZ one, not the CP one. Enjoy! (Minor content warning)
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Time Cannot Erase
Ok, this is the FULL story of Cana. I can't really put anymore here, because they would spoil it. Enjoy ((WARNING: Violence and Gore)) PLEASE COMMENT.
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Overshadowed 2.0
Just another cana sad...I need more words. Fukkin descriptions.
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