Butterfly Kisses [Zelink Friendship]

Butterfly Kisses [Zelink Friendship]

Some great things don't always go as planned; Sometimes, things happen. But Zelda refuses to let life spoil her day with Link. (Zelda, Link, Friendship. Prior to game)

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The young girl ran as fast as her little legs could carry her, towards the home of her best friend. Her azure eyes sparkled in the light of Skyloft's morning sun. Finally reaching the little house with the blue door, she knocked on the wooden door. Nothing. Hearing no reply, she slammed both fists on the door.
"Hey! You promised we'd go catch butterflies this morning! Come on, Sleepyhead! Open up!", the blonde wailed.
As the painted wooded door creaked open, the young girl's gaze shifted to a woman wearing a modest ivory dress. A tangle of golden brown hair adorn the woman's sleepy and concerned, yet at the sight of the little child, somewhat joyful face.
"Oh, Zelda. What a surprise!"
"Hello, Link's mommy!" Zelda chimed happily. "Where is Link? He promised that he'd chase butterflies with me!"
The motherly figure shook her head. "I'm sorry. He can't come play with you today."
"Why not?!", Zelda complained, crossing her little girl arms in fury.
"I'm afraid the boy isn't feeling well."
The princess gasped, her eyebrows knitting together like little golden ribbons. Zelda pushed her friend's mother out of the way and stormed into the house.
He tried to sigh, but his breath stuttered in his throat, trapped by a web of phlegm. His throat burned; Each breath felt like a winter breeze rattling in his lungs. Suddenly, Link heard his bedroom door creak open. Gathering all of the strength left in his aching body, he rolled over, and was able to make out the pink fuzz for her dress.
"Zelda...?", the Skyloftian croaked.
She quickly ran over to her friend's bedside.
"Oh, Link..." The girl said. "How did this happen?"
He shrugged and glanced down at his covers.
"What are you doing here, anyways?", Link asked hoarsely.
The princess replies worriedly. "I heard that you were sick...So, I came to help."
The Skyloftian boy exhaled. "But-" His sentence was interrupted by a horrendous fit of coughing.
"Careful, careful." , Zelda spoke soothingly. Her friend just glanced up sleepily, his eyes glazed over and tired.
Those eyes; Those beautiful blue eyes, completing his pitiful expression and begging  for comfort. She simply hated to see him like this.  Zelda just wished there was something she could do to help.
Link's lids began to drift shut. His little friend was quick to act.
"Not so fast!" She yelled, causing Link to open his eyes wide. "You aren't going to sleep yet. Say 'Ah'"
The boy groaned like a dying horse.
His friend couldn't help but giggle at that noise. "Okay, Sleepyhead. You can rest now. I'll be right here when you wake up. I promise"
As soon as she stopped speaking, Link closed his eyes and fell into a deep and comfortable sleep.
A strange, pink fuzz was all he could make out. 'What in the name of the Goddess', the thought to himself, confused.
Was he dead? Dying?
Everything swam into focus as Zelda removed the cloth from above his eyes. Link managed to pull himself into a sitting position, digging his elbows into the pillow for support. He blinked a few times to clear his vision. Zelda was still there, smiling down at him. It was then that he realized how much better he felt. The boy's head hurt less then it did before.  His arms no longer felt like they weighed a ton. Good goddesses, he could take a couple of breaths without a coughing fit. Sweet relief.
That's not to say he was cured, for he certainly wasn't. But he did feel loads better. He had no idea what the princess had done; But it appeared to have helped. Maybe being sick wouldn't be as bad as he thought...
Never mind. Being sick really sucked. But Zelda was there to take care of him. Which meant the world to Link.
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great job you might win
on November 05, 2016
That was cute
on October 13, 2016