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Do you support the Reputation Points system?
I've heard a lot of compliments about this feature that the admins created. Personally, I think it is ridiculous. I would like to hear what you think. Do you believe the reputation points are a good idea, or that they should b...
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Do all good video games need plots?
I've been in an argument about this question. Does a game need a plot to be good?
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Who is the best Nintendo Princess (And Why?)
My personal favorite is Princess Zelda. She's a beautiful, strong woman who usually knows how to protect herself. : )
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What do you think about Bean?
Eh, I just really wanna know how you feel abt me. Please be honest. c:
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What happens if you eat a magic growth capsule?
You know those pills that you put in water, and then they turn into little foam dinosaurs? What would happen if a person ate one of them?
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Who would win a fight between Midna and Luffy from Legend of Zelda?
This question had been bugging me for a while...If Monkey D. Luffy from 'One Piece' and Princess Midna from 'Zelda: Twilight Princess ' got into a fight, who would win? The Rubber Pirate of Dusk's Nobility? And please no "They'...
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In your opinion, who is the most overpowered anime character?
Just about every anime has that character who can destroy just about anything. But who is the most overpowered?
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Why do people ship Bree and Jynx?
It's been bugging me for a while now; Peopel like to ship My Smol and R'ena's smol. But why? :<
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What is the saddest video game you've ever played?
Mine probably has to be Link's Awakening. That ending was so sad. D:
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What's your favourite quote?
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If you could give your past self one important piece of advice for the future, what would you say?
I would say "Don't let the anything change who you really are".
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Can anyone guess my lucky number?
This is pretty easy.
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What do you think about meh?
I'm just curious.
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If you were to get a body modification, what would it be?
I'd probably get the Hylian Crest tattooed on my back, a triforce on my left hand, and maybe I'd get plastic surgery for pointed ears. (Yes, I'm THAT big of a fan)
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Writing help?
Ok, I reeaallyy wanna write Zelink, but I have no idea what to make the plot. Any ideas? Thx.
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Is this a good theory?
Ok, I noticed that the moon's orbit around the earth looks like a hydrogen atom. I theorize that every atom is actually (a) moon(s) (electron) orbiting a planet (proton) and every planet with moon(s) orbiting it is another ato...
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Describe Qfeast in one word.
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What is the worst thing that happened to you today?
I stepped on a lego.
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Does anyone else find this annoying? (1)
When people complain about "Ruined" characters. In my opinion, it is extremely annoying, and sometimes, I want to unfollow users who do it :/
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What was your first impression to your favorite fandoms?
Mine: Creepypasta: Oh, these guys are so cute! (I'm a nut) Gmm: Hm, this seems interesting. (I thought Link's name was Scott XD) LoZ: No... must. Not. Join.other. fandom! Fnaf: NOW I see what all of the hype is about! This is e...
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