Overshadowed 2.0

Just another cana story...it sad...I need more words. Fukkin descriptions.

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Have you ever heard of a hero who knows how to help everyone but himself? If not, I guess you haven't heard of Sir Sonata Stamenovic. He was a truly generous hero. But he couldn't escape his past self. Echoes of screams forever played inside of his mind. He locked his feelings away for so long. But they still haunted him.

Sonata was an ancient soul. The reincarnated soul of Sir Canatra. Canatra was a great warrior, but he didn't really care for anyone but himself. He caused all of the problems...he built the highway to fate. One day, it all changed. Canatra looked back on what he had done wrong. He knew that he had placed a burden on his shoulders. One he could never escape.

No-one saw it coming. But as night drew closer, that all changed. Shadows loomed in the sky. Buckets of water poured from the clouds. Each passing second was like waiting for an archer to release his bow. Anticipating what was to come...  

Swords clashed and screams echoed through the sky, much like they had done in the mind of Sonata. Sonata knew something...he was fighting with himself....his shadow self. The shadows of his past actions. The entire fight was witnessed from a distance by Cana, the goddess of the land called Valeria. She had known Sonata since forever. A scream. The sound of ripping flesh. Shadow Sonata plunged his sword deep into Sonata's chest. Cana ran over to the fallen hero. Blood spilled from his mortal wound and short, shallow breaths escaped his beak. Shadow Sonata spoke. "You can't save him...you can't...." And with those words, he shot an arrow at Cana. It struck Cana, who fell to her knees. Both fallen legends used their last bit of strength to near each other. All they wanted was one last touch. Just as their feathers were almost touching, both bodies fell limp. Shadow Sonata watched as both Cana and Sonata took their final exhale. "The legend ends here." He said flatly. "Sleep well, fallen one's." The shadow covered both bodies in a blanket and walked away... Freedom.
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