Idiot (Bloo x R'ena)

Idiot (Bloo x R'ena)

As we all know, Bloo is an idiot when it comes to, well... everything. <Tmi(?) (Periods.)>

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It was a regular day for most of them. Bree was sleeping. Linky was on his room, whining about something. But Rowena; Nope. It was different.
It was that time of month again; Pain, cramps, and as Ed Sheeren would say, "Blood in the Breeze."
Maybe not literally, but that's how R'ena felt.
And what a better day to spend this week of pain. With Bloo Link to take care of her...
"Hiya, R'ena!", the boy said as he entered the room.
"Hi.", she grumbled.
Bloo cocked his head. His friend was sure that she could hear his pea brain slide to the bottom of his thick skull.
"Why are you so grumpy?"
"Its just my organs shredding, and my genit--"
"Oh, you're bleeding."
The short haired dress girl nodded, giving Bloo a nasty scowl.
The blonde thought for a second, then spoke. "I could go get you some supplies. So, what do you need? "
"Chocolate, comfort food, and 'girl supplies'."
"Okay!" And with that, he took off out the door.
Bree sighed, and shook her head.
"Bloo is very strange...Remember that day when Linky got sick?"
"Which one?,", R'ena joked.
"The time when Bloo didn't burn the house down. And he accidentally poured all of the cough syrup onto his pancakes. And he ATE it.", Bree responded.
"...Then refused to go to Kroger and buy some more."
R'ena nodded and clutched her stomach as she's felt another period cramp.
"You ok, Bean?"
"Yeah, Bean. I'm fine."
Bree then walked off silently.
"Oh um. I have a thing to do." She said awkwardly as she dashed back to her bedroom, flopping onto the mattress.
~Time Skip, Five hours (Brought to you by Midna)~
R'ena felt quite content, lying on the couch with the chocolate that Bloo had bought her. "He'll be back soon. I hope that he actually knows what pads and tampons look like."
She sat up as she heard the door open.
Bloo entered, carrying a grocery bag.
He handed it to R'ena, who gave a strange look upon peering inside.

"You idiot."


"These are condoms."

R'ena heard Bree and Linky trying stifle laughter.

"There's a difference?", Bloo asked in genuine confusion.
"You use those, I use pads and tampons.", R'ena explained as she thrust the box back.

Bloo pouted. "It's the thought that counts, right?"
"Yeah, I guess so. I love you, Bloo."

"Even though you're an idiot."
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"You use those. I use pads and tampons."
on November 13, 2016
on November 13, 2016