Only Constant

((Rewrite of Cana's Tale)) It was a special kind of friendship; The kind that can withstand nearly anything. All of their hardships, the troubles they'd faced; Not even time itself is enough to conquer their relationship. But when an evil lord returns to battle the princess's best friend, will it change?

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Chapter 1.

Just a Dream Worth Keeping

"Once upon a time, there was a kingdom beyond vast oceans and deserts stretched for miles. In that little kingdom lived a queen and a knight. They cared deeply about one another. Queen Valeria and Sir Canatra held an unbreakable bond. He protected her from the foes that tried to vanquish their land, and the queen paid him with both money and love. Though both handsome and strong, sir Canatra kept a dark secret sealed behind his heroic mask.
Blood stained the concrete floors. The bodies of many peasants lie strewn across the room. In the midst of it all, stood Canatra, his expression solemn and an iron sword on his hand.
After learning of her most trusted knight's secret, Queen Valeria was dumbfounded. Tears pricked the corners of her emerald green orbs.
"One more chance..." She whispered between sobs.
"Give him another chance..."
So on the day her beloved knight was executed, Queen Valeria cast a spell on Canatra's heavy spirit. He would get more chances to make up for his past actions, being reborn until he defeated the one that shadowed over him. As to guide Canatra's sealed spirit on a journey through time itself, the queen also sealed a part of her soul. The original bond that the knight and the noble shared is still present today. To this day, it is unknown who the holders of the two spirits sealed really are."
The young girl closed the old book, glancing at the lad who sat beside her. "Sonata", She spoke. "What if we were like Canatra and Valeria? You a brave and noble knight...Me a beautiful and graceful goddess? Wouldn't that be wonderful? Sonata, are you paying attention?"
He immediately snapped outside t of his daze. "Cana, you know just as well as I that it could never happen. Look at me. I'm being raised to be a work boy, not a warrior. It could never happen..."
Cana neatly folded her hands on her lap.
"Well, I guess you're right. But we can still play pretend, right?" A smile lit up her delicate features.
"Right." Sonata replied, placing an outstretched hand before his best friend.
Cana took his hand in hers and they began walking into the distance.
"I'll never give up on you, my friend "
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