Dreams from Above (Bassy X Kyuko)

For @Bassy_Is_Senpai. It's a story about her Kuroshituji OC and Sebastian.

published on July 04, 201614 reads 6 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


Kyuko heaved a sigh as she stared into the inky twilight; So quiet. So fascinating. It was sickeningly sweet. How she wished to soar through the indigo skies on black feathered wings, slicing the heavens anew. The sound of loafers on the marble floors snapped her out of the fantasy "Kyuko, my kitten. Where are you?"
"I'm right over here, Sebastian." She sighed. The demon man walked over to the balcony on which his fiancé sat. He noticed the expression plastered onto Kyuko's delicate face. Her Crimson eyes were pools of blood, longing for...something. Her thin lips curved into a slight frown. "Is something the matter?" Sebastian asked his lover, concern tainting his emotion.
"Nothing. Just thinking..."  She mumbled
Sebastian placed a delicate hand on Kyuko's shoulder.
"Well, what are you thinking about ?"
"The sky...I wish I could dance above the stars. Soaring on a black and somber wing. "
Sebastian nodded. "It would be nice to fly. But if you were up there and I was down here...I might get a little lonely."
Kyuko fumbled with the fabrics of her black and elegant gown. "Well I wouldn't want you to get lonely..." She said.
"What do you say we just sit out here and relax while Brat-face is asleep." Sebastian suggested. "Brat face?" Kyuko began to inquire. "Oh, you mean Ciel! He's such a whiny little chihuahua."
The demon butler stifled a laugh. "Chihuahua doesn't even begin to describe it."
Kyuko flashed a smile, leaning her head on Sebastian 's chest. "I love you, dweeb."
"I love you too, Bitchy-Bitch."
((((A/N: I honestly think that this ship is adorable. @Bassy_Is_Senpai, I think I might do lemon laterrrrrrrr, heheh. Kyuko is such a freaking hornycorn. But not as badass as Bree of Hyrule. xD We need more Bassy X Kyuko stories.))))
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on July 05, 2016
FFuck yeah
on July 04, 2016