Finally Over .:A CanaxSonata fic:.

Well um...I needed to write a one shot and...Yeah...I can't say more bc of spoilers.

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The two friends were lying in the lush green grass, staring at the sky above. It was a warm, summer evening and Cana and Sonata were doing what best friends usually do. Hanging around and talking. Talking about the past, the future. Talking about dreams and hopes. But Sonata had one thing on his mind.
The man glanced at his childhood friend, Cana, with a faint pink blush dusting his cheeks. "So, uh, Cana...I was thinking..." He paused. "You know how we are the incarnations of the fallen ones? Have you ever wondered why it's always been us two?" His azure eyes glimmered with the same kind of curiosity that they'd shown with when he was first created. No trace of the somewhat empty darkness that they'd used to have. The shadow that clearly showed that he'd died inside, gone.
Cana's eyebrows furrowed in thought. "Sonata, I should have told you earlier." She placed a delicate hand on the boy's chest. "I am actually...Valeria the First...The goddess."
Sonata gasped. "But who am I? "
Cana sighed softly. "It hurts me to say this. Sonata...You are none other than the dark lord, Canatra".
Sonata looked at her in shock. "It all makes sense now...The spirits chose me as the hero so I could reverse my mistakes." Cana nodded. "So that means Sonata of the Shadows is the ghost that haunts you.  Canatra.
Sonata stared off into space. It was silent for the remaining two minutes. "Cana..." Sonata spoke. "Do you forgive me?" The woman replied, "Yes, Sonata. That is in the past. "
"The past..." Sonata thought. "Ah, remember how we'd used to play in the autumn leaves? How much we've changed since we first met? If I had to do it all again, Cana...I would do it again. No matter how many times....for an eternity. To bring peace to the you..." He said, recalling their childhood. Cana beamed. After minutes of talking, the friends lay back down in the grass.
Sonata's eyes closed. He was so happy and content. It was over. It was finally over. Cana fell into a deep beside her friend.
((A/N NO, they did not die. Please don't ask if they did!))
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It's your oc's from what I can tell...? Correct me if I'm wrong here.

Since it's original content, no cringe was detected.
Yeah. These are my ocs.
on April 10, 2016
on April 10, 2016